Thursday, December 1, 2011

Actress After Hajj

Queenie Padilla was nobody to me until today. That's when I saw this video. She's only a young lady but she's come a long way to fully embracing herself as  a Muslimah.

"When I was in showbiz, I was very unhappy. I was lost and I always felt I never belong. But now that Allah is in my life, Alhamdullilah, La illa illalah, I am so happy and content in my life,” she is quoted as saying .

This is the first part of her interview. There are going to be parts which are in her native language but most of it is in English. Through the interview you will feel that she's been through something POWERFUL.


May Allah accept her Hajj and forgive her the sins of her former life. May her time ahead be one of learning for herself and of teaching others.

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