Saturday, November 26, 2011

Egyptian Elections

Elections are scheduled for Monday in Cairo.  All the schools in the metropolis are closed (even in Giza) because of the anticipated disruption. 

This is a political flier for a man running for office in Giza.  I know nothing about him so this is not an endorsement. 

What I find interesting is the political groups.  The bearded man in a galabiya belongs to the Fanoos Lantern group.  This totally connotates Islam because the lanterns are hung here at Ramadan.  This half page of paper is flimsy and the quality is not as important as austerity.

The next flier is really a study in contrast.

This clean-shaven man is dressed in a suit and tie.  This small photo of his flier belies the fact that it's a full glossy page.  It's very professionally done.  That takes some money!  He belongs to the acoustic guitar group.  Which renders us thinking of Folk Music from the '60s or MTV Unplugged.  Stringed instruments are forbidden by the most strict of Muslims so it's kind of a dis on them. 

But please don't think that only men run for political office.  During our really short vacation this fall to the North Coast, I snapped a quick pic of Bill O'Reilly's worst dream.

 Yes, it's a niqabi participating in Democracy! 

What I loved about this poster was that she's "one of the guys".  She's just another person, which is what covered women strive for anyway.  She isn't spending thousands on her hair care and make-up like Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin.  Hey, I'm not going to be partisan here---she's not spending thousands on pant suits like Hiliary Clinton either!

I'm sorry that the above picture wasn't clearer but it was taken from a hantour a horse carriage ride.  I can't tell which political party they belong to.

Here's a picture I took last year in Cairo. 

This hijabi is part of the Grapes Party.  I'm really so sad that I didn't get a picture of the flier from the man who was part of the Banana Party.  Bananas are funny!  Who in the world was thinking that's a great idea for someone running for political office?

I love this last picture.  This woman is serious and sincere and is facing you with all her humanity.  She is not dolled up or made to look attractive.  She is an Egyptian first and a woman second.  Again, I don't know anything about her politics.  I only know that she is a covered woman who is ready to serve her country.

That's beautiful.

May the elections run as smoothly as possible with the outcome being fair and just.


Kaighla said...

Eeeeee!!! We fly in on Thursday so I am really, really hoping things will not be so bad then. Just a short (ha ha ha!) drive to Salihiya after 15 hours on a few planes with two kids. Fun stuff!

Relating to the post: Are those real party names?! Grapes? Bananas? Lantern? Because if so, that is HILARIOUS.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Kaighla,

You are in for the time of your life! Just strap yourself in and go with it. I have NO IDEA how it's going to go for you and your family(ies) but I pray that it will be a positive change for all involved.

Inshahallah, you will do well on the plane. My trick for traveling with a toddler on an overseas trip: a wrapped item (treat to eat or small toy from home--no need to purchase) which comes out every hour. You must keep them comin'!

Other advice:

Wet wipes are your friend.

Bring a clean empty bottle to put in extra water/drink once you're on the plane. The flight attendants won't be pouring drinks when your kids want them (so stock up when you can).

Stickers, tattoos, sponge animals that expand. Whatever it takes.

Finger rhymes! Get ready to do "Oops, Johnny!" and "Slowly, slowly oh so slowly crawls the little snail."

MP4 player saved my life when I stashed a bunch of Sesame Street videos on it.


oh, and prayer! ;)

Best wishes for a safe journey and a fruitful beginning.

Ya, the political parties have those wacky names. "Guitar" not "Accoustic guitar" but who know? Maybe there is an "Electric Guitar" group that I don't know of (obviously a more progressive off shoot).

Keep laughing at Egypt! It's only going to get more real REALLY FAST. Inshahallah.

Londoneya said...

I just wrote a post about some of the funny symbols a few of the parties are using and then I came across your blog, subhanAllah. I didn't see the banana one otherwise I would have written about it! That is really funny! I haven't seen any fruit except the apple one here in Cairo (Heliopolis/Nasr City). Ameen to your duaa :)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Londoneya,

Great minds think alike ;)

On the way to work I also saw The Basketball Hoop Party and the's too ridiculous to be true...The Ping Pong Paddle Party?!

Keep laughing! If you don't laugh you cry :)

Kate said...

I love it.. the ping pong paddle party!!
It's a bit disturbing that even with free elections, that Egypt will remain under full military rule after a new Government is elected.

Insha'allah all will be khair...