Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadan 2011

I wish you a Blessed Ramadan.

For the last two years, I've been observing the month of fasting in Egypt.  I prayed and prayed and begged God to let me come to Egypt for Ramadan.  It worked!  I'm happy--so happy alhumdulillah that I got to experience the time (for both the good and the bad). 

This year, I am starting Ramadan in America and inshahallah finishing it in Egypt.  It is not what I wanted.  Yet, I wanted a traveling companion.  It's always best to chose the most halal ways so I decided to return when my co-worker returned...which was mid-way through the month.

Why did it work out that way?

I'm going to find out.  I'm going to be open to what God has to show me.  I feel that it's my destiny my naseeb to be in America with my family and friends at this time.

Something I have not posted is that I was given a wonderful opportunity to work in television.  Subhanallah, it was the answer to all my dreams.  Yet, the offer came after I had made my plans and purchased my ticket.  I felt God wanted me to keep my plans and to wait on the show.  I actually turned down the opportunity to host my own TV show this Ramadan.

May Allah be pleased with my decision.

It wasn't right for me right now.

Inshahallah, when the time is right the pieces will fall into place.

I wish the same for you.  I pray that this Ramadan you are also open to what God wants in your life for this moment.  May you be quiet and peaceful and find The Truth.  May the busy-ness of life not wrap you up in a twisted mess.  May you breathe free and clean and clear.

And the path that you are on...think if you might have to walk it, or maybe swim it or (like me) fly it.

And if you're not sure, just sit a moment and let the wind start to push you in the right direction.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Ramadan Kareem to you and yours Yosra.

MarieHarmony said...

What a great news Yosra! I am so happy for you, can't wait to hear more about the TV show when you are back.
Happy Ramadan to you! May God grant you many blessings!

Take care.