Monday, June 6, 2011

New Reader Drive


My self-imposed arbitrary deadline for my New Reader Drive is no longer needed.

Months ago, I set this Friday as the date when I wanted... needed... wished for 43 members smiling back at me from my sidebar.


Thank you for playing along.  It actually does make me very happy to have set a goal and have readers who helped me to reach it. 

It was kind of like when I used to be live on-air for the PBS Pledge Drives on my local TV station.  I felt like I was asking for you to stand up and be counted.  This time, no money came in and no "thank you" gift went out.  Still, easier to deal with because I could just type away in my jammies.

Why did I pick the number 43? 

I turn 43 this week inshahallah. 

I'll leave you with this slice of my life:

My lovely kindergarten class figured out a joke.

One little honey will say, "I love you, Miss Yosra."

Another will pipe up, "I love you too!"

And then a whole class of sweet children will start yelling out numbers.

"I love you five!"

"I love you thirty!"

"I love you twenty-three!"

And because I love each one of them, I love each one of their numbers. I exclaim in happiness and radiate with joy with every numeral they give me.

Dear Readers, I love you 43.


MarieHarmony said...

Congratulations Yosra! And thanks for sharing the story of your is so lovely - Children are fantastic!
Take care

stephanie said...

and don't forget us readers who are reading/subscribing but not google following! :) congrats! grace and peace.