Sunday, June 26, 2011

MAKING HIJRAH 34 "Techno Wudu"

Asalamu Alaykom,

Little by little I was breaking away from everything and everyone I had back in the States.

I hadn't wanted to!  I had wanted to keep that umbilicial cord connected.  I even wrote to my then best friend that social media outlets made it easier for me to stay here.  I could be in the loop with everyone and not feel like I was 100% here.  I could remain an American in Egypt.





                                                                                       all the connections were lost.

First it was the hard drive being erased when my computer virus was treated.  I lost so many reminders of my life before.  I was no longer able to see faces and places I loved. 

Then, due to my new location in the honeymoon cottage, I lost my DSL.  I could still get internet access at school during the week.  I could still steal some internet wi-fi at the family house (if I was feeling dangerous).  I'd be moving there eventually (whenever the workers were finished putting it together) so I tried to stay patient.  However, it was wearing on me that I no longer had this amazing fast flow of information; it became a drip.

The Magic Jack I had brought over no longer worked on such a slow line.  I was really frustrated with the situation because I could no longer call my mom or my older kids.  Each call to them cost my cell phone 4 LE a minute.  I know some people use other ways of calling from overseas.  None of them worked for me in my situation.

And then the Magic Jack USB broke.  It broke.  I was devestated.  Really, I couldn't believe how I was waiting to be relocated in the family house and then I'd get DSL again so I could call---except that now I couldn't.  It was hopeless.

That moment when you see all the connections fail, you have to think it's God's plan.  I thought that.  I felt that.  God wanted me to stop being so connected to over there and start living fully over here.  I could not live my hijrah by doing play-by-play for the folks back home.  I had to be alone.

Chapter 35

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MarieHarmony said...

There is always a meaning behind things that happen, but it's not always easy to understand it - It takes time and patience.
I feel sometime we need to focus on where we are and with who we are, the past stays the past, and what is behind is behind. We can only look towards the future by cutting the ties and letting go.
Wishing you a lovely trip back home Yosra. Have a wonderful time and may God keeps you and your family well.