Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden was a Hijacker

     Astragerallah that a Muslim man became hunted like an animal.

Yes, Osama Bin Laden was a Muslim man.  At some point in his life he made a conscious decision to leave Islam.  He decided not to focus on his inner struggles; his inner jihad.  Instead, he placed the focus out of himself and projected it into a culture which he didn't understand.  He made a decision not to let others have their ways. 

"To me my religion and to you yours," was what Allah had commanded him to say.

Osama Bin Laden disregarded that verse in the Quran and so many more following it.  He didn't care about what was right with Islam and thought only about what was wrong in the West.

He lashed out at those who were different and acted like a predator who had the thought of prey not pray.

He hijacked my religion and used those planes to kill innocent lives and to destroy the spread of a peaceful, moderate Islam.  He became the most well-known Muslim man in the world and made people think of him and Islam as perpetually linked together.

Now, he has been freed from this world; uncaged from his hiding place.  Inshahallah, by killing him the U.S. has saved him from committing more sins against humanity.  I don't know if all the oceans in the world can wash away his sins.  He did some good in this life but the bad he did was astronomical and only Allah can weigh the scales of justice.  For me,  I can only feel that he wronged Islam even more than he wronged the families of murdered victims.  Astragferallah.

There was a moment when he could have made a choice to help not hurt.  That moment is also my moment and your moment.  We intertwine our lives with so many other souls each day.  Don't look at his life and scoff that he was ultimate evil.  He was only a man.  He was a deeply misguided man.  I honestly don't know if my life will be any better than his. 

I have my life yet to live.  So do you.  Be careful with your life.  Be a higher thinker than a reactionary minuteman ready for fight for your cause.  Accept life and those who live around you as gloriously imperfect creations from The Perfect Creator.

May Allah put to rest the life of Osama Bin Laden and bring peace to both those who loved him and those who hated him.  I pray, Dear Lord, that the world which we now share without him becomes a better place---not by us vilifying him but by us lifting ourselves up to be your servants.


Marie said...

Lovely Post Yosra and so true. It is not to us to judge who he was. We all make a decision at one stage of our lives.
Unfortunately by its decision and by its actions he killed too many human and he killed Islam, transforming a peaceful religion into a threatening one in the minds of so many people. I am sad for Muslim people who deserve better than the terrorism and the image of this man we associate to them.

I pray for all the muslims around the world who spread the true message of God and may you be blessed for sharing your thoughts and your faith with us all. Stay well

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Ameen to your du'a.

So good to hear from you. Your comment came at a needed time. I couldn't believe how vile the 'net comments were about OBL's death---and that was from Muslims!

Why do we feel like we have to prove ourselves as "good" Muslims to non-Muslim friends, family and co-workers? We say I am oh-so-glad that this evil doer is dead (making sure to be laughing and joking over his demise). As the final cherry on the partially hydrogenated topping, we add that he is going to hell. Astragferallah.

I have one less friend than I did before OBL died. Alhumdulillah it's for the best.

You and I, Marie, are still fine ;)

zain said...

Assalamualaikum dearest sister, Your blog is enlightening, and refreshing. I was hooked on your hijrah story, may the Almighty accept it and increase us all in guidance and imaan. I wanted to add something here about this particular post, personally i have read much about the wrongs that this man comitted but did not see him commit or carry out any of the atrocities linked to his name(laysal khabru kal muayyanah). I am not a supporter of his or of the ideas he was supposed to stand for. But i would be wary of takfir, god alone will judge who is or isn't a believer. He has gone on to meet God who is most aware of his deeds. I hope you can see where i am coming from. I can see what you mean, but this is just how i see things. Luv x Ramadan kareem

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Zain,

Thank you for reading my blog. I'm so glad you appreciated the hijrah story :)

This post was written in reaction to the news of Osama Bin Laden's passing. That was some time ago. I had to re-read it to remember what I had said.

Maybe I could have said somethings differently. I actually agree with everything you said. I never saw with my own eyes him committing a crime. I think that I did make it clear that I do not judge where his eternity will be. Allahu alim.

As I stated in the comments above, I actually dropped a friend who told everyone that OBL was going to hell and that she was happy he was going to roast, etc. And that was from a Muslim! So, I don't agree with cheering a person's death or deciding the contents of their soul.

May Allah be merciful with all of us for our misdeeds.

Hope to see you around again :)

zain said...

Ameen x

Hebah said...

Planes could not have done that much damage.

only Allah knows but my gut tells me, he didn't have any part in this.

he was a scapegoat.