Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Jewish Girl Accepts Islam

I like this story---not necessarily that OOOOOH AAAAAAH it's a Jewish girl so that's subhanallah amazing. I like it because in many ways the story is universal. She studied, she befriended, she explored and discovered she already was Muslim.

Her way to handle family opposition is very smart: wait until some time has passed and then tell them. That way they will realize that they were talking to a Muslim; loving a Muslim all those months without realizing it.

I did not do this. I basically told my mom within the hour (as I handed her a Quran) LOL! Oh, I've learned a lot since then.

May God make the ways of new Muslims easy and full of understanding supporters.


rose water said...

Jazakallah khair for sharing this! It is indeed very smart of her to not tell her family immediately :-/ I had no clue how I could put it in the right way to my family... And Allah (swt) took the pressure away by letting my mom walk into my room while I was praying (and she usually never came by unexpectedly (I was living by myself))! I was so amazed of how Allah (swt) had simply taken over there, Subhan'Allah. And my mom was in chock..... But things are getting easier now after almost 4 difficult years.

Bonnie said...

The day I said my shahadah was the day I started wearing hijab so obviously that was just a bit of a giveaway! I don't regret telling my family so soon as I doubt waiting would have prolonged the inevitable however I understand why some sisters do.

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing this story Yosra. It is true it is a beautiful one because it is simple and honest.
I understand why she is waiting before telling her family. I think in every case it depends about how your family feel about religion and how open-minded she is.

I've been in conflict with mine for long enough as I decided to marry an Egyptian man. I've always been attracted to the Arabic culture, have started to read the Qur'an and I know if one day I decide to convert to Islam it will be a real shock for my mum. She already told me: "If one day you decide to wear the veil, you kill me".
So for some girls and women I understand how hard it is and I think time is needed to gather enough strenght to spread the news. It is very sad because it is a joyful day in your life and you have to hide it. May God bless them and soften their families hearts for everybody to rejoice together, in peace and harmony.