Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Should I Show More in Pictures?

The tribe has spoken!

Nineteen of you responded with, "Your eye is enough. Keep private."

I think this is because many of you are into thoughts and inner journeys.  Showing my outward appearance isn't really what you're after.  Either that or you're really afraid to see me...I'm going to hope it's the former.

Only one reader wanted to see my face.

LOL!  Okay, dude.  This seems like a dude response  Men are hungry for visual stimulation---can't fault them since it's biological.

Do I even have any dudes reading me?  They'd have to be some really quiet dudes for sure because I have not gotten one comment from a man since I started blogging in Egypt.  Not that you guys have to start!  I kind of like having a "GIRLS ONLY" commenting section.

Five readers wanted to see me with my family. 

I have to say that I am the most concerned about keeping my boy's pictures off the blog.  I love him dearly and could not bear it if my eagerness to share caused him any evil eye.  You never do know who is trolling the net.

Also, my husband is a dear man and I wouldn't want to see him through the eyes of others.  I only want to see him through my loving eyes.  He continues to be a present I am so very surprised to hold.

Seven readers say, "I really don't care at all. I come here to read."

I understand, Readers.  I come here to write.  So, let's each keep up our part of the deal and enjoy what we have.
Sure, I'm no Matt Logelin but I'm OK being Yosra.

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Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom EgyptChick 7,

Always nice to hear from you. Sorry I can't print your message. LOL! You KNOW I can't print it but thanks for writing :) I appreciate you---always have and always will.