Saturday, March 19, 2011

Green Deen

           I just stumbled upon (through the grace of God)
           this striving American Muslim who is trying to show us a truth: 
           this planet is a mosque. 

           What an awesome idea!

I read and commented on his post about the Egyptian Revolution.  Basically, I said that "no" there wasn't an ecological reason for the revolution. 

Asalamu Alaykom from Egypt,

I'm an American-Muslim working and living in Giza. Alhumdulillah for your book and blog, Brother. You are exploring issues from an ecological perspective and that great. My father is a prominent ecologist and I grew up loving the earth.

The revolution was about feeling a wall. There was a wall which the young couldn't pass through in order to get to their futures. Honestly, the young men in this culture have to be set up in a job which earns them enough to set up a fully furnished apartment BEFORE they can get engaged. As you know, in Muslim countries, there aren't really dating relationships. It's all about marriage and you're not supposed to be have full relationships before marriage. The way I see it, that all those young men were living half lives---unable to get work and unable to get married. That is some serious frustration!

The rest of the people in Egypt had their frustrations with the food prices. When you go to get tomatoes and it's 4 LE, then a year later it's 10 LE for those same tomatoes, you freak out a bit. The majority of people don't make enough money to simply shrug off higher food prices.

Sadly, now no one is making enough since there is no tourism industry. Those who used to make money also used to give zakat (money to the poor) and they aren't able to do that now.

For what you ask about the ecology here in Egypt:

In many ways, the people do ecology without realizing it. In our house, we have animals we raise on our food scraps. There is no food wasted. There are no clothes dryers and the sun is used. The cleaning cloths are recycled from old clothes. Mass transit is utilized in lots of buses, metro and sharing rides. There's also animal power in the form of donkeys and horses. There's buying local produce (in season of course).

But the problems I see are with garbage and water.

There is so much garbage---so many people produce it. There are large dumpsters in our neighborhood which overflow everyday. I'm always sad to see clothes thrown inside. There is a stigma against wearing used clothes. There are men who go through the neighborhoods calling for used items to be brought out and taken away "RABBABEEKEEEAH!" The plastic recyclers are not just haphazard; they are incredible workers in every neighborhood and do a better job than any Coca Cola plant could ever do. If you say their huge mesh bags rising up six feet up on top of their donkey cart, you would say, "Subhanallah!"

Water is a funny thing here. We're right next to the Nile, the Red Sea and the Mediterrean yet we run out of it all the time. Every home has water saved up in buckles, bottles and barrels. The water, like electricity has shut offs regularly. You'd think the people would therefore conserve water BUT they don't. It runs out of the faucet while washing dishes, brushing teeth, making wudu and flushed away all the time. I can't tell you the number of times I have shut off a running faucet at my school or fixed a toilet so that we weren't out of water by the end of the day.

No, I don't think there is a correlation at all between the Egyptian revolution and Egyptian ecology. I do think there will have to be a correlation between Egyptian ecology and Egyptian success in the coming months and years.

Go ahead and read more of Ibrahim Abdul-Matin's postings.  I'll be adding a link to his blog on the sidebar inshahallah.

He's written a book in addition to his blog  GreenDeen:  What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet.


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