Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horses of Al Haram

This morning the streets of Al Haram, Giza were filled with riderless horses.  I have never before seen so many empty saddles.  Some were sauntering through.  One herd were being driven by a man on horseback with a whip charging up behind.  "CRACK!" and the big beautiful animals would run at full gallop.

Where were they going?


They had nowhere to go.

Those muscles simply had to be exercised.  They could no longer stand in their stalls waiting.

Normally, the horses would be working at the pyramids.  They would be weighted down with awestruck visitors who needed strong legs to carry them into The Land of the Dead.

Now?  There is noone.

We turned the corner and headed to the tumaya shop.  It used to be so crowded that only my husband would go in; I would have to stand outside.  To go inside has always meant getting crushed by a waiting area full of hungry men all shouting to the cooks; everyone sure that it's his turn next.

Now?  There is noone.

Streets are full of horses and restaurants are empty.

This is Egypt after the Revolution.

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