Sunday, February 27, 2011


          That's fun! 
          I just learned a new word! 


You know that God is working with you through the 'net when you look up "hanging plant" and two clicks later you find something spirtually uplifting.

Our family had gone out last week to pick up four plants:  a fern, a jade, an aloe vera and some kind of tree.  My husband knew that I wanted a fern hanging in the breezeway outside the bathroom and kitchen windows.  Previously, I had placed The 99 Names of Allah on the narrow ledge (don't ask how) but I wanted to see GREEN amid so much beige.  My husband (without additional prompting) set to work today to make my dream a reality.  The above photo is the result.  Alhumdulillah, I'm happy.

I wanted to show him some examples of "hanging plants" on the 'net.  Before long, I was engrossed in something else.

I read this interview with a former MTV-Europe presenter, Kristiane Backer about being, "An Eco-Muslimah". I liked where she's coming from.  My favorite idea she brought up was that Rasullulah (pbuh) was sent as a mercy to all of Allah's creation.  That means, he wasn't sent to just us humans, but as a mercy to water, plants, animals and other natural resources.

Speaking of animals, I have a Robbie Rabbit update.

We still have him! 

He's definately NOT one kilo any longer.  That bunny can chow down!  Robbie gets fresh greens delievered daily with frozen bread quarters as his nighttime treat.  He is really a very blessed bunny to live in our home free from the eventual fate of the dinner table. 

He is currently under the clothes basket.  At first, I had him on the floor only, but found out that bunnies don't just poop a lot; they pee a lot too.  In this picture, I hadn't bought the plastic tray yet to be the floor of his cage house.  25 Egyptian pounds later, he is no longer peeing on our lovely tile.

I no longer let him roam independently.  The question, "Where's the rabbit?" drove me nuts in three days flat.  You don't let a baby go freely through the house without a diaper---why let an animal?  I felt awful having a messed up house.  I mean, I didn't go through all the trouble of making a clean and comfortable home to invite in an animal to use it for its pee and poop.  So, he stays in his cage house until I let him out and immediately upon doing so he goes outside our apartment door to his bunny toilet.  Really, his bunny toilet is a corner.  Rabbits like to stand in a corner to do their business.  I'm very proud of my bun-bun!  This has reduced the amount of waste in his cage house and the amount of work I have to do.  I sweep up after him and throw soapy water on the cement steps to keep it tidy.

He does come out supervised and usually heads for the kitchen.  This is where we have his rabbit restaurant.

I've mentioned it here before that I had a very unusual pet as a child.  For years, I kind of pined away for that creature but knew that I could never keep one on my own; without the help of my father.  So, I got dogs...until Islam.  Since then, there hasn't been any pet---well, not counting the livestock on the roof.  With Robbie, I have a re-newed sense of Eco-Muslimah coming into being. 

As I start my fifth week of being a teacher without a classroom, it's good to find other ways of defining myself.


Yoli said...

Beautiful blog.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Yoli,

Thank you so much! Your blog is likewise lovely and I enjoyed visiting your site and would recommend it to my readers.

Please come back again :)

Carolyn said...

Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box!