Saturday, February 12, 2011


What can I tell you?

You want to know how I feel?

Very seldom does anyone feel one emotion only. I feel many things.

Earlier today, I felt very nervous. We had to get in a bus and head to a major street so I could get another USB for this computer. The last one broke. BROKE!

I also felt nervous about the future and we stopped at a bakery to stock up on breadsticks, crackers, pretzels and biscuits. As we were picking things out, the rain began pouring down. I wondered how Tahrir protestors were holding up after getting all cold and wet.

Later, I felt hopeful that this would indeed be a night for positive change. I even got a phone call from my supervisor who happily told me that everything would soon be better; school would start on the 27th for us.

The night was spent waiting for the Deek-ta-tor's announcement. I grew impatient, as I think we all did. It's been a long two weeks. As we waited, I could laugh off some of the stress. I read:

Reasons Hosni Was Late as posted on Twitter

• You think it’s easy packing gold bullion bars into vintage Louis Vuitton luggage?

• Aiming for an Oscar for the Best Suspense Movie

• He keeps getting interrupted by Kanye West telling him that Cleopatra was the best leader of Egypt.

• Uninstalling dictator 99% complete ERROR

• Went to Egypt that was on the Fox News map

• Head got caught in the King Tut Mask.

• He saw his shadow and Egypt gets five more months of dictatorship!

• His GPS kept re-routing him around the angry mob.

• Changing Facebook relationship to “It’s complicated.”

• They have not even started building his pyramid.

And then, I checked my email and got the asked-for present from Ben. My mom, God bless her, took me to task this week for being pushy but only if you put yourself out there do you get cool stuff like this:


Okay, this time I think this really is going to work for everyone.  SORRY! if you tried it before and it wouldn't load.

I have now figured out how to post the MP3 in which you hear Hollywood's biggest voice talent pitch my imaginary movie. I wrote it completely tongue in cheek and hope you crack up like I do.

After that, it was the surprise of the evening. Sadly, our Deek-ta-tor is not stepping down. He's not even understanding the scope of the protest/revolution. He keeps calling the people in the street, "shabab" meaning youth. I've been mad at all the moms bringing babies to Tahrir---are those the youths he's talking about? Not sure...

My mom called then. I warned her. I had to be very serious. Tomorrow is another Friday. I have no idea what will happen in Egypt. I don't think it's something good but Allahu alim God knows. I warned my mom that she might not be able to reach me by phone---either because the government cuts the phone lines or because the lines are too busy. I warned her not to worry. IF the news doesn't say something about the pyramids, then we're not affected. IF the news does say something about the pyramid area, still not worry because inshahallah we're going to be holed up inside; keeping safe.

Now? I'm tired. Tired of hoping for peace.

Now? I'm OK with a fight if that's what's needed to bring about an end.