Friday, February 18, 2011

Back to Normal isn't Normal

Wishing backwards isn't nearly as productive as living in the now and moving forwards.

I am getting a lot of wishes from people that "things will go back to normal". 

Which normal are they referring to?

Hosni Mubarak's normal?

The undercover policeman's normal?

Yes, I miss walking out my door at night and feeling free and safe.  I miss that.  But that was my life; it wasn't the life for everyone here in Egypt.  The recent changes in Egypt were made to ensure a better life for everyone.

I pray for a better tomorrow; a new normal.

When I took a birthing class during my first pregnancy, the instructor made a very helpful comment.  "A lot of people wonder when things will return to normal after the baby comes.  Really, it never does.  It becomes a new normal."

I have not yet gone back to school.  Others have been going in to prepare for the children's return.  I've avoided it in all my clever ways.  Thank God for email and phones!  My fear is that I'll be away from home when something suddenly happens which flips the chaos switch in this country.  I'm scared that I'll be unable to get back home.



I think it's a realistic fear.

Others think I'm letting fear get the best of me.  They go out, meet friends, do their shopping, enjoy time off like there's no tomorrow.

For me?  I went out yesterday for a neighborhood walk in the sun with my boy but there is a tomorrow that I think about.  I think about a country which counts on tourist dollars, euros and yen.  I think of all the people who live a hand-to-mouth existence.  When the money refuses to come to Egypt, who will pay for the food in those families?  What lengths would those people go to in order to survive?

I think about our family here.  There used to be four of us working outside the home.  Then it went down to three; two of the brothers and myself.  Now it is only Mohammed who leaves the house for his Cairo hotel shop.  Mahmoud no longer has a shop at Arkadia; there is no Arkadia.

I looked for pictures of Arkadia on the 'net yesterday; more for me than for you.  It was such a divine place.

And me?  I'm told this is the last week of staying home.

We have to return to normal.

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