Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alhumdulillah We're Fine

Asalamu Alaykom
from Egypt,

As you hear the recent news, your thoughts might turn to my son and I living here. 

We are fine, alhumdulillah.  We are smart.  We will not be putting ourselves in any danger.

I do not fear for our safety here so please don't fear for us.

Pray for peace and leave the outcome to Allah.


janice said...

Wishing you (and always praying for) peace and safety.

A question; is that photo from Luxor?

TwinCitiesLynn said...

Glad you posted an update and that you are safe. Looking forward to more of your story when you have time. Hugs to both you and your little one.

anisa said...

assalamu alaikum, I have been following you for some time, loved your posts. I was really worried about chaos in every muslim country.Alhamdhulillah, you are safe.Praying for return of peace in Egypt inshaallah.

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

I've been thinking about you and your little boy a lot these days.How is the situation in the city where you live?Are you planning to stay in Egypt INSHALLAH?

Lot of love and duas from me.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Janice,

Thank you and "yes" you have good eyes. That is from Luxor but I'm not sure if it was Habu or Karnak.

Asalamu Alaykom TCLynn,

Thank you for your well wishes. Ya, we need some Minnesota nice over here :)

Asalamu Alaykom Anisa,

YA RAB! We need some peace for real so keep the prayers coming!

Asalamu Alaykom Um Zakarya,

Good questions! Thanks for following along with what's happening. I've written a blog posting about the first week of the revolution/civil war. It's been hard but not unbearable---well, almost but alhumdulillah we all made it through those first couple of tough days. I do believer that we are staying inshahallah. I fasted today to get closer to Allah. Also, to shrink my stomach a bit so that eating less food (rationing) doesn't feel so bad later. Love to you!