Thursday, June 4, 2009

Between Safa & Marwa

As I traveled between Safa and Marwa
I met a woman
she was like me
and like her
was I

We spoke,
like spokes of a wheel
we turned into sisters

Time came for tears
in her story
and in mine
we shed them together
and shed an outer skin
to reveal
deep revelations.

When her baby needed milk
she was low
I offered mine
the sun beat down
upon my breast
my scarf sheilding her suckling child

While traveling
you meet and part
the parting bittersweet
as strangers become beloved
kisses moist upon the cheek

The wind it blew sand about
and voices floated too
I heard my remarkable sister-friend
remark to someone new

She told of my happiness
shared of my dispair
told about my shape
giggled about my hair

Only hearing half the truth
Only half my heart was hurt

The other half still loved her
The other half was spared
The other half was loving
Half my heart still cared

So, midway in my journey
neither here nor there
I stopped to pray
to The Most Exalted
who already knew

I asked for forgiveness
for giving away my words
to anyone but Him
for He alone is The One
to turn to; The Only One
we need

I asked for Him
to lift my burden
to replace the bad with good
to love my sister still
as I know I should

The talk it spread about my head
I lowered it
but not in shame
I know who I am
I know My Creator's Name

Allah! Ya Allah!
Remove my ability to hear
deafen my heart as much as my ear
I want to listen to your message
and not to dwell on this plain.

Remind me to be as the Messenger
not to worry of the din
of evil talk of evil doers
of jealousy and sin.

I rose from sujud
my eyes saw sparkles in the sand
as if each grain were diamonds
as if I held riches in my hand

The world is but illusion.
We who are here will soon be gone
And I, who am truly pitiful
can still sing the true song
of Islam

sorry of being a Muslim
lost occassionally
longing for someone else
to be on the journey with me

As I traveled alone
I remember Abu Bakr
who observed,
"Solitude is better..."


Solitude is better for me

As I

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