Monday, May 25, 2009

Sister Aminah

Last April, a Moroccan mother flew to the U.S. with her son. He was about to start his college life here and she went with him to help him settle. She went with him around the busy city gathering what he would need.
One night, Sister Aminah and her son Mahmoud went to Best Buy. Mahmoud picked out his new laptop. Upon leaving the store, they could see that the night around them buzzed with activity.
When they were crossing the street
Sister Aminah went first
an SUV was coming towards them
it did not stop
it struck her.
She had put out her hand, in reflex, as if the driver could see and stop in time.
It couldn't.
She was gravely injured and rushed to the hospital. Surgery was performed to save her.
Through her nephew at my school, I met her Mahmoud two days later as he sat with the laptop. He was in shock. His mother was in a coma.
I immediately sent out a prayer request to my co-workers and friends in the Muslim community.
"Please make du'a for this Muslimah who is unable to pray for herself. If you find that you are up late this weekend, it would be especially good to make Tahajjud prayers ."
She did stay in my prayers. Last Ramadan, I thought to ask her nephew. What had happened?
His aunt was still in a coma. Her son had returned to Morocco and had needed extra help getting over what he had witnessed. He had been unable to continue with his studies.
The story touched me deeply. Why? I don't know. It's a mother who wanted to help her son begin a new life and yet...
So, upon my return here to this place with these people I learned the last chapter.
I went to a class on Islam. I was late arriving (as usual) and the Imam was already talking.
"The nurses said they had never seen anything like it. A woman deep in coma yet was moving her tongue as we said, 'La illaha il Allah wa Muhammadar Rusullulaha.'"
I wondered who they were talking about. I hoped that it was Sister Aminah and that she had made a recovery. After class, I got to ask.
"Sister Aminah passed away on Monday. We're having couscous and salad from the family today."
Subhanallah! That a woman I never met so touched my heart and died the same day I arrived back.
And that class? In all the time I lived here before, I never made it to one of their classes. This was my first and it was the very day Sister Aminah was honored.
"May Allah accept her into Paradise," I said before eating.
The meal was delicious. I enjoyed every bite.
Mr. Boo enjoyed the couscous once he got over the fact that it wasn't rice.
Last night, I wrote again to her nephew:
"From Allah we come and to Allah we return.
My condolences to you and your cousin. What a big chapter for anyone's life. May this bring about peace and healing for those who have been so saddened by this accident and hospitalization.
Thank you for sharing the food with us. I was delighted to taste Moroccan food and remember a true Moroccan lady.
She loved her son so much that she absolutely did everything she could for him. I will always remember her as an example of what a real mother should do. May Allah accept her into paradise.
May Allah guide her family on the righteous path.
May Allah forgive all our sins and may we all meet again in Jannah."

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What a touching story. Thanks for sharing.