Friday, May 15, 2009

Release and Get More

I am in the process of realizing that Allah has blessed me with much. I need to release some of what I have in order to get more.
I can't keep it all and continue.
I have to let it go and feel confident that Allah will give more; maybe not right away, but over time.
Afterall, we have a lifetime of risq allotted to us when we are born. To be given all of it at once would be a burden and not a blessing at all. Each offering to us is given at precisely the right time.
However, if we are already overloaded with the blessings meant for someone else, then we will not have room in our life for what is meant to be ours now.
Ya Allah! Our Sustainer! I release and remain open to the goodness you have planned.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Excellent post.

You do have so much and so do I.

Three kids. You have lived at least two lives already both as a non-Muslim and Muslim. How many of us get to say that?

Sometimes it seems like everyone else is getting so mny blessings now, and why can't I.

And then I think Yosra, that maybe just maybe Allah will instead make my older years easier than my glory years. This is my sincerest hope.

I love you, and understand EXACTLY what you're feeling tonight.