Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pages of Our Life

The rain continues today.

Spent the day getting to know the kitchen so I could navigate it better. So many things!

Inside this house, there are so many things...

There was the notebook from a girl no longer here. Page after page of journal entries. Each page I would marvel at her creativity. She was only six-years-old. The picture of two girls on the wings of birds was especially good. Each turn of the page I would tell myself that I was witnessing her last days on earth. This is how she spent her time that she would never get back again.

I would look at the date and know that I was nearing February. As I turned each page, I would wonder what would be her last entry on her last day of school; three days before she died.

And then there it was.

It didn't have any kind of foreshadowing. It simply was yet another day in her life.

Like today is for me.

Like today is for you.

I refuse to write on the pages of my life that I was bored.

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