Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Housesitter and the Frogs

I am now officially housesitting.
As an official housesitter, I thought I'd better check the pool.
Oh, ya baby, there's a pool.
I stood there looking at it from the other side of the black mesh safety net surrounding the water.

"Uh-oh!" I observed. There were two frogs in the pool and I was supposed to add cholorine.

"Oh, no!" I was alarmed to see that there was a black string which seemed to have caught them. It must have come off of the enclosure.

So, even though I wasn't going to go into the pool today, I donned by swimsuit. I grabbed the long-handled pool net and carefully reached it over to the two endangered frogs. They were now contained and I was going to release them from the death's grip.

"What the...?"

Um...ya...that wasn't a plastic string. That was a string of frog's eggs. Those two frogs had been getting busy in the pool and laying eggs. I had just rescued two animals procreating.

Here are two of the happy couples in the pond next to the pool. Do you see the black dots on the stalk and in the water? Those are the eggs!

May Allah protect me and protect all the animals from me.

Sometimes I am just a total idiot.

Alhumdulillah for those frogs. Because I was already in the pool, I swam and swam. Then, I got Mr. Boo and we played and then I swam some more. I had not been swimming without cover since my honeymoon to Egypt, in 2002. It felt great and it made me yearn for not just a house but a house with a pool!

And maybe some frogs...


PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Where do you live? -- not in a creepy way. But, around here we have sisters only swim nights often. What does your husband think of the house sitting? Or is he joining you ;)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Perplxin,

Right now I'm south but I'm from the north.

There are some sisters only swim nights up north too. The thing is that I don't do complicated things. I can totally handle walking out the door whenever I want; wearing whatever I want.

Husband? I'm not married. Nope. Not. I'm not, am I? Let me think...divorced him, divorced him, and divorced nope! No husband.

And the man I had been talking to, Br. Nice Guy, I just told to stop calling me until he had prayed istakkarah. Honestly, I was stung by the mere suggestion of me heading off to Egypt and us continuing to "get to know each other".

I'm a total believer in, "Pee or get off the pot." Sorry, if that is a bit offensive, but I'm PMSing.

Not mad at you, Perplxin. I'm happy you read the posting.

Anybody else lurking?

ellen557 said...

I seem to be always lurking on here. You write beautifully :)

House sitting must be fantastic!

"I had just rescued two animals procreating."
Ahah this really makes me laugh. I have a dog who I used to think was innocent and let's just say now I do not hahah.

Jaz said...

Asalaamu alekum,
Housesitting with a pool? That sounds like so much fun! I can't swim though I would like to learn.
You're a great photographer, by the way. The shot of the frogs is perfect, although I am a little scared of them!

dramamama said...

Salam, me here still lurking :)
Your post made me laugh. Those frogs were probably very startled at being rescued at that point of time! LOL.