Sunday, May 17, 2009

Estoy Lista

Estoy lista. I am ready. I am ready to move on.

I think that standing out in the FFFFFFFFFFFFREEEEEEEEEEEEZING cold yesterday for my yard sale definitely helped me want to get the hell outta here. 42 degrees?! Really?! Subhanallah! That was some serious determination to keep going.

Alhumdulillah, I got rid of some stuff and made some money; $62 total.

You know what made me the most money? Items from the dumpster. Seriously. I am telling each and everyone of you readers that THERE IS MONEY IN DOING THIS. For some reason, people (even in these hard economic times) throw things out and are wasteful. If you, in your wisdom, as a steward of the earth, simply grab the stuff and then sell it in a yard sale, you will make a little money.

Add up the items from the trash which were sold yesterday:

Kid's plastic desk $5

Dishes $10 (could have gone for $15 but I sold them to a Muslim family here from Togo)

Chairs $15

Ironing board $5

That's $35. Alhumdulillah. When you think about it: getting paid $35 for stuff you never bought is actually making money. However, if you BOUGHT things, used them (or let them sit in your closet collecting dust) and then sold them, you are breaking even or at a loss.

Sure, it's not a fortune, but it's money and it's my money and it's halal. Alhumdulillah.

My girlie hung out with her little bro while I sold on the front lawn. They had a great time and were totally tired out by nightfall. We watched a video and ate our burgers.

Before you ask, my big guy was having a dude sleep-over. So, I was very happy to have my girlie away from all that raging testosterone---and according to her, "B.O."

Since I have had so much back-and-forth with their dad, X1, over these arrangements, I had the cojones to ask if he could do me a favor. Yes, I asked him for a ride to the airport, saying, "At least you know I'm getting outta town!"

And you know what? He said yes. So, the kids' dad will be driving us to the airport next week, inshahallah. I told him that shows we've evolved.

We have.


And the new man will, inshahallah, be picking us up. I gotta come up with a name for him...

Mr. Nice Guy?

Br. Nice Guy? Ya, he is definitely a Muslim brother. He is the one translating for the Sheik at his masjid, praying all the prayers he can in congregation, giving the lecture after isha, and giving rides to those who need help. Mashahallah. This is a practicing Muslim. Alhumdulillah.

He has an education, a career, and money.

He has been married, divorced, and has arranged times to see his kids. He doesn't want more.


And? And? And we'll see.

That's next week. We'll see next week when we meet, inshahallah. May Allah guide us.

For now? I've been reading about women who have traveled alone in the book, "A Woman Alone," which got me to read about Elizabeth Taylor from Minnesota---ya, not the actress from England. She was a Victorian travel writer. And then, I had to look up more about the modern travel writer Catherine Watson, who I love for many reasons.

And those stories of letting go and learning to live are pushing me onward and out the door.

Estoy lista.

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Jaz said...

That's pretty cool! Making money out of stuff you won't use any more is great! Last year I broke a new laptop by spilling perfume on the motherboard (oh how that hurt) but I got $210 for it in that state the other day so it's not all bad :D
btw, hablas espanol? and wow about the new guy