Friday, April 3, 2009

Unemployed on Spring Break

It's a sunny day.

Barak Obama is president and touring Europe and making us sound intelligent again. Alhumdulillah.
This article made me laugh.
Are you a T-Mobile customer for more than 22 months? If you are a long-time T-Mobile customer, call up 611 and tell them to switch your plan to unlimited calling for $49.99. I just saved $6.00 a month! Yay!


Lisa said...

I might have to rethink this Reagan conservative thing Yosra. It turns out that if and when you and rejoin the workforce, we stand to save $20 a pay period in Federal taxes. Thanks Obama!

And Michelle looks so pretty. I love that she didn't wear the obligatory hat for the queen.

Glad to see you saving some money. Seems that Cingular isn't offering the same incentive. Boo, hoo! Love you dear.

Yosra said...

Asalamu alaykom Lisa,

Thanks for confessing your previous political leanings, Lisa. Reagan was not a fav of mine. I just don't know how a person can be Republican, but God bless you for admitting! I'm in die-hard Democrat territory. We can still be sisters, though.

This will be easier is you keep loving Michelle. She is grand, isn't she?!

You are too :) and that's with or without a hat or hejab.