Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eat One Bite at a Time

Time once again to remind you about my favorite show: Religion and Ethics on PBS

Today, they showcased Shariah financing on home purchases in such positive light. Really, if I were to buy a home, I would inshahallah go through Guidance. I came very close to using them before, but we didn't keep the house.

The show also showed President Obama in Turkey visting the Blue Mosque.

And there's some wonderful pieces about chanting in the Orthodox Church and gospel singer Wintley Phipps.

If you are Christian, I wish you Happy Easter. If you are a reverted Muslim, feel free to eat a chocolate bunny anyway.


Shabana said...

your friend gave you super advice. couldn't have said it better myself. i still think you should keep a plan b in mind (just in case). it sounds like the offer is ideal in many ways though. i think being a teacher is an ideal career for muslim women. there is an islamic school in my area here. but it's just far enough away that if i want to send my child there, i would have to work there too. otherwise, it's not worth driving all the way down there and then driving all the way somewhere else to work or home or whatever. plus your schedules would match up nicely. i hope it works out for the best for you, insha allah :-)

L_Oman said...

Sounds 'perfect' but if I were you I would pick 2nd grade so you can keep some distance from Mr. Boo. Just trust me on that one.

Plan B and even C are essential. You gotta make a move on this, girl because both you and the boo have got to get some stability in your lives (as if you don't already know). Once you get settled, you'll find that you are going to be in high demand and will get to be choosy if offers start coming to you out of the blue.

From the sound of the fees, the school must be a nicer private school. If the school wants you bad, they can give you a better discount than that! I say apply at other schools in Egypt (since you are swinging in that location) and start negotiating big time - with paid accomodation. Seriously!