Friday, May 1, 2009

My New Old Homes

I am here.
Yep, back at my mom's. I didn't grow up here. I don't think of this as my home. It's hers. But, for this's me and Mr. Boo snuggled up and rent-free.
My stupid junk (gosh, you hate your stuff more with every move) lies scattered in four diffferent rooms. It's been dumped by some careless mover---me!
AbuBoo helped. He helped a lot. Drove me crazy when he came to the apartment after work and fell asleep for three hours. But after that, he did a ton of hard labor.
Always hard to feel how well we work together. My mom commented on how the two of us were out in the backyard laughing as we moved the loveseat together. Ya. We still can laugh together. We just can't live together.
Allah knows.
I was thinking how the Post Office needs a forwarding address but Allah does not. Allah knew where I was going before I knew.
Tomorrow it will inshahallah be the last big day. Inshahallah. YA RAB!
Honestly, this takes some serious strength to keep going.
May Allah give me that strength.

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