Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Like a Bedouin Beauty

Like a Beduoin beauty I moved on

from a house that could not hold me

and I placed my trust in Allah

but my precious things could not believe

and they fled

No longer needing a house

I had a flat of three rooms

My Lord allowed my things to sit

contained within walls and to be safe

Then He called to me again

so on I went to serve Him

but my wonderful things could not bow

so they broke

No longer needing a flat

I was given but a room

Subhanallah it is full of things

but I look around and fear

For the time is coming when

the Spring's air will turn hot

and then I must leave

with what?

Not a house

Or a flat

Or a room


I will leave with a suitcase

for there will be little left

which hasn't run away;

fallen away;

been forgotten along the way.

I was once asked,

"Where did you park your camel?"

And I don't know but

I'm going to find out.

And where

my camel is tied

is where

my suitcase

full of things will be

ready to find a home.


Lisa said...

Assalaam Alaikum sweetie,

I hope you are doing okay. I know this can't be easy, but my prayer is that Mr. Boo has lots of fun toys to play with, and you have a wonderful mom to talk to. Just wanted to check in and see if you were still trying to go abroad, or holding off to save. Love you so much hon.

sally said...

Masha'Allah this was a beautiful poem sister!