Friday, April 10, 2009

Job Offer

Life is funny.

I watched a movie tonight which I had orginally ordered from netflix for my mom. I ordered it for her because I keep getting her films with some Muslims in the storyline. Call it subliminal advertising. She told me that I would really like it. She dropped it off on Tuesday.

So, in the movie there was an actor I liked.

Guess what I did?

Ok, if I was a normal person, I would be all dreamy-eyed from afar for him.

Since I am not normal, I looked him up on Facebook and wrote him a message.

He responded.

I wrote back.

Eventually, I got his number and I called him. We talked and he's fascinating. I kid you not. Any future for us? Have no idea. I leave it to Allah.

I do, however, think it totally cool that I talked with him tonight.


because I was up late, I saw an email come to my inbox.

I have a job offer from Egypt!

When I was writing the cover letter for this job, I realized that I would rather work in Egypt than any other place. It was where I've been dreaming of going for years and it's hard to rewire my brain at age 40. I've been there. I know the country. I know the culture and it's more open than most places in the Arab world. I have people there I know and love (and can rely on in an emergency). I could actually meet a man there and marry him (as opposed to Oman).

Here's the offer:

Monthly salary for 12 months is $1,500 per month

Work for ten months

Two months paid holiday

Housing 1,500 Egyptian Pounds for 10 months

Air Fair 5000 Egyptian Pounds. 2500 will be delivered upon arrival and 2500 before departure .

I went to the money converter for that and isn't really enough to get us there. I'm going to see if I can get it all up front.

Teachers are expected back to school by August 30th

School starts on September 13

OK, Gang. I will of course pray istakkarah. I will talk to AbuBoo (who ironically is trying to bring his wife and kids FROM Egypt the same time I'm trying to get to Egypt). I will sleep on this. BUT! I need you to be my true sisters and advise me.

Your thoughts? Tell me now!


Anonymous said...

You know how those egyptians are, how do you know this isn\'t a trick to get you to egypt for which I don\'t know. But I would be sure and look up the school\'s name and make sure everything is legit and on the up and up. Ask them if you can talk to someone (women) from the school and see how they like it there first. But don\'t just go without looking into it as much as you can and get all the details first. Take care and wishing you the best of luck!

Sweet Muslimah Mama

Umm Omar said...

I say don't rush into anything. Pray istikhara. Ask advice from people you know and trust. Check out the area and the school and really become an expert on everything that would affect you and your son if you were to take this job. May Allah be with you!

Shabana said...

I agree with everything the other sisters have said. What if it turns out to not be what you expected? Will it be easy to get out of it and come back here? You need a plan B.

The only thing that concerns me is that it is in a foreign country. If you said this was a job offer from, say, California, I would be a little more comfortable.

However, you are right. Make istikhara, seek Allah's guidance. He will never guide you to something that is not best for you.

Congratulations on the offer though :-)

Colleen said...

Salaams Yosra

I have taught in Egypt so I can help you know if this school is legit. I taught in Alex and have many friends who taught in Cario as well. Have you ever taught in Egypt? I will say that it has it's ups and downs. I liked the small classrooms and nice to meet other Americans. But on the same note, the owners are mostly in it for the money and will skimp on so much. I have only seen one school that really is in it for the kids. I could go on, but it will take up to much space here lol. But all in all, it is a good experience. As for pay, it's very good compared to what other teachers I know. But make sure that this is what you can really live on. So much has happened (price wise) in the couple of years since I have been back in the USA. But if you lead a simple dietary lifestyle, I don't think you should have a problem.

But yes, please pray about this. It's a whole different world over there. But I am very partial about living there. I love it and I can't wait to go back soon insha'Allah.

If you need anything please let me know.

Take care and Salaams!!

Lisa said...

This is such an answer to prayer. You I'm sure have been praying endlessly about paying the rent and now this comes along. It's almost like you're istakkarah has already been answered. Oh Yosra, assuming it's legit you should go for it! Who knows how long it will take for Abu Boo to come over here, so quite possibly Mr. Boo could see him more often in the meantime!

Love you and excited to hear more!

Smee said...

Im suprised you think of Egypt as 'open' you mean 'open' in an anti-Islamic way, cuz you dont want me to get started on the egyptian government (with great control over its people) and the way they behaved during the Palestine/israel conflict - and its citizens that said- nor what how they treated the recent 'viva palestina' convoy. I dunno, they have just left a VERY bad taste in my mouth.
Anyway, back to you....Yes pray istkhara, ask advice, thoroughly research the job in view of the current economic climate and also the likelihood of them extending your contract. Also research the loaclity to see what access mr boo would have to a good education both of the dunya and the deen and whether that would involve further costs.

egyptchick7 said...

You know what? After reading all this negatives about the possibility of teaching in Egypt...and including the fact I am leaving to Egypt in less than a month and KNOW the society has changed for the absolute worst since 9/11 and crazy fundamentalists oppressing the country...I should really consider...teaching in much I miss it so! There are Muslims there, and I stayed one month with no harassment and experienced the sheer beauty of it all. I stayed in Arusha...but if you prefer 100% Muslims, you could go to the gorgeous island of Zanzibar. I am sure you could get a decent paying teaching position.

I am totally intrigued with "finding of this actor on facebook" bit. Go you!

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Gals,

Thanks for all your input. I am listening to it all. This is obviously a big decision so alhumdulillah that I have a few days when no one is working.

I need more info and when I get that info, I'll be able to make a more informed decision.

And, ya, it's Egypt right now. This is where the offer is from. I can't very well start thinking about Tanzania, EgyptChick! Come on! :)

Egypt is about my level of religious observance. Honestly, I do not want to wear niqab or all black. I do want the freedom to leave my apartment without getting harrassed. I want the ability to go out in public with a man for dinner without being hauled off to jail. On the other hand, I do want to wear hejab and have some respect. I want to hear the azan, go for prayer, observe Ramadan with a nation, rather than a small community.

As for this school being legit: it has an internet presence with photos and lots of details. It is a woman who is dealing with me (as opposed to the head teacher from the Saudi school who started to persue me).

I did pray on this.

We'll see.

Keep the thoughts coming!

Anonymous said...

accept it
ok make istikhaarah first