Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happiness Sinking In

I am re-training my brain to realize what happiness is.

When I catch myself feeing lighter, smiling, and/or laughing, I stop.

In the past, I would stop because sadness would wash over me.

Now? I don't let it.
I stop because I take a moment. I identify what I am doing:

I am enjoying a sunny day!

I am sitting in a circle with Mr. Boo passing the beanbag at playschool.

I am getting books from the library!

I am listening to a Duran Duran CD I got from the library!

I am loving these freegan strawberries and bananas on sugared toast. Mmm...

Then I identify the feeling. I actually tell my brain, "I feel happy."
It sounds silly to have to tell yourself how you feel but I've felt sad and miserable for so long (not constantly but certainly intermittedly). I need to remind myself what happiness feels like.

I let that happiness sink in and then remember to also think, "Alhumdulillah."

It's working.

Try it.


Alisha said...

Alhamdulillah! :-)

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