Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day at the Museum

I knew what I wanted to see and so I was the leader.

"Look at this!" I told my companion and I pulled for the left.

"This is scary," was the response.

When I heard that voice, I looked up at the huge demon statues and realized my mistake. No, this was not the direction to go. In a huge array of possibilities, I had to be more careful.

"Let's go over here!" I tried again and I brought him to The Land of the Pharoahs. "This is all from Egypt, where your daddy is from."

No interest. It didn't make sense.

"I want to go to The Children's Museum!" he demanded among the jade jewelry.

"We are here now, so let's spend some time here looking at all the art."

That's when he screamed. Yes, that was me with my screaming child at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. To be out in public with a temper-trantruming three-year-old is to live in a sort of unimaginable hell. It's worse in hejab because you aren't just a horrible mom; you are a horrible Muslim mom.

I had to do something---and quick!

"OK, enough. BAS!" I tried being stern but it didn't work. He was now falling into a heap on the floor.

I was powerless. I had to admit my absolute inabilty to control the situation.

"OK, you want to go? Then show me where you want to go!" I gave myself over to him. "You be the leader. You show me where you want to go. Tell me what you see."

This shift took some time. At first, it felt awkward. I wasn't able to revel in my finds anymore. I had to really care about what was best for him. I placed my mind on his likes. That's when I saw the suit of armor.
"Did you want to see the armor?" I asked him first. I asked. I didn't demand and I didn't pull.

We went. He was engaged.

Then, he saw the computer, which I thought was really a stupid waste of time, since it wasn't art. I started to tell him, "No," when I remembered my pledge. This was for him, not for me. Mr. Boo got his time.

And nothing was unbearable. It moved along. We walked and saw the exhibits as I had wished. It just was a different set-up. I got what I wanted as long as I eased up on the demands and actually shared fairly.

Because of Mr. Boo, I learned about, "The Counting of the Omer," at the Judica exhibit.

I learned what he enjoyed the most: the period rooms. It was then that we played my game.

"If I had a million dollars I'd buy this," I said about the art nouveau room. He said the same about a fancy Georgian room.

I did get to point out a few things. I did get to have my fun by simply remaining within the limits by simply remaining mindful of him.
This is truly what we need to do in our relationship with God:
Stop being certain we know the way to go.
Admit our weakness.
Stop trying to control everything.
Whatever anyone else is thinking of you, if you know you are in the right, continue. Don't focus on them as you'd get off track from what you really need to do.
If you know you are doing something stupid, then stop.
If you loose your patience, make the resolve to regain it.
Open up to other possibilities.
Enjoy what is given to us more than lamenting what we can't do.
Keep going. Don't give up.
Remain calm and in good spirits as much as possible.

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Faith Confusion said...

That's so great!! True, it's hard to let go of the reigns, but sometimes when we do we find things we otherwise might have not.