Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Building Our Lives

Living and learning is a lot like building with blocks.

When we are figuring out a new set of skills, we follow the steps simply. Look at how babies or little kids stack blocks. They just build one huge tall tower.

Until it falls and the blocks scatter all over the place.

The blocks sit there in a heap. Unused. It is not going to build itself again.

The builder has to eye the mess and figure out what went wrong. Now, that process can be short or long, but it's a process. It takes a level of maturity.

Sometimes, others can come upon the scene of destruction and view it only as a negative. The tower was good and the pile is bad.

When we view life in such snapshots, we forget that life is a cyclical process. The pile of debris is necessary in order to build a better tower. It actually still is the tower. It is simply the tower waiting to be rebuilt.

What was needed?


More base. Widen the base; just like you need to gain information and widen understanding.

This graphic comes from a nice parenting site.

However, we focus on the building blocks of early childhood development and keep that image in our minds only. We forget that, even as adults, we are continually developing ourselves because we are organic beings. We keep changing because we are alive.

Everytime we learn a new aspect to being our authentic selves, we have to dissemble in order to put that missing piece in place. We can't build higher, higher, higher, or we crash.

We need to take it all down.

Look at it.


And when we rebuild, inshahallah, it can be the structure that can withstand the ravages or war and the sands of time. It, or rather we can be the glorious creation we were meant to be.


Umm Hamzah said...

Excellent post! x

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Umm Hamzah,

Thanks for reading and commenting. Because of your comment I re-read this post and re-learned something I had written before (and known before). It was good for me to remember this at this new stage of life I'm in.

Funny to see that my last picture was of The Pyramids.

Inshahallah, keep looking through my archive and find more things which you enjoy so I can enjoy them again too :)