Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Pork for Obama

This is Emily Litella, reporting live from the bog world.

News has just reached us that President O'lama--

What? I thought he was Irish.

He's what? Armenian?

African! Ohhhh yes. He's African.

African-American. That's what I meant.

Alrighty then, President Osama---really?

Obama. O-bama.

As I was saying, President Obama is in the news for saying, "No," to pork because he wears muslin. Oh, he says he isn't in muslin, then others say he is.

Mr. President! Why couldn't you be like Mr. Bush Junior and just not care about what you wear or what you think!

This is lubricious. Pork is the, "other white meat." It's healthy once you kill all the tapeworms in it. If you eat dead tapeworms, there is no harm done. They simply come out in the end. In the end!



Yes, my point is that President O-Whatever's position will be harmful to the valiant pig farmers in our glorious nation. What difficulties they must face day after day taking care of the smelliest animals known to man. If we don't eat them? They will simply multiple and the smell will increase, so we must eat them and rid the planet of them every day! Each day we must eat all the ham, bacon, lard---don't forget the lard!


What kind of pork, did you say?  Political pork barrels?



never mind.


malekat_el7oriya said...

hahah loved this post!i love the way you write :)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Malekat,

:) Welcome and I'm glad you liked it. This is definately a different kind of post from me. I used to watch "Saturday Night Live" when I was growing up and I adored Gilda Radner.

That is an ADORABLE pic you've got. Mashallah, little girls in hejab are sooo cute.

Thanks for becoming number 14 on the blog readers list. Kinda cool to see the garden grow.