Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Boo's Du'a

"I'm Muslim."

"Yes, you are," I answer back to my little guy. At age three-and-a-half, he had finally internalized a very big concept. I had to kind of laugh at his first time declaring his faith. It was completely out of the blue.

I decided to take it one step further, "Who else is Muslim?"

"Baba," he first listed the last husband. Sad. Especially sad, since the man isn't even praying now.
"Who else?" I asked, hoping that he'd think of someone else.
"Yes! Your daddy is Muslim," I said and I will refrain from any editorializing on him. He brought over the milk and the child support this weekend, so God bless him.

"Grandma is Muslim," he erroneously spoke.

Oh-oh. How do I handle this?

"Actually, " I offered, "Grandma doesn't think she's Muslim."

I had recently taught him how to make du'a.

So, I follow it up with, "We can make du'a for Grandma. Remember how we cup our hands? What do you think we should say?"

Mr. Boo cupped his hands in front of him and spoke his wish, "Oh, Allah, please help Grandma be a Muslim."

He then brought his hands to his face, as I had taught him to do, and he wiped the wish across his chubby cheeks, and said, "Ameen."


Umm Omar said...

Ameen, ya Rub!

Lisa said...

My dear Yosra. I really was in tears as I read this post. I love how you are helping little Mr. Boo grow in his iman. Hope you are well. That the job hunt is better for you than me. Please visit me anytime on my blog and I'll continue to drop by. I love you Yosra and hope you find your perfect match. I'm for American born Muslim. Insh'Allah no green card issues :) Love you!

Random Muslima said...

wassalamu alaykum

you just have to love their pure little hearts mashaAllah. Whst a gem you are blessed with mashaAllah. May Allah keep him pure and loving.

Anisah said...

Why don't you let him understand that someone can have different beliefs than Muslims, and that it's ok? Everyone is not Muslim and everyone won't be. Yes most religions think they are the ones who are going to heaven. That's why I got out of organized religion.

IMO kids need to understand that everyone has their own path, and that THEIR path is not necessarily someone else's path. That is where we get unacceptance of other cultures and religions.

Just my 2 cents.


Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom UmmOmar,

Girl, you are good with the comments! Thanks for the "ameen".

Asalamu Alaykom Lisa,

You packed a lot in one comment! Ya, I love my Boo. I just started teaching him how to make du'a about a month ago.

The job hunt is always interesting. It is the belief in the unseen. The Power is working in our favor! We just have to suspend our disbelief.

The hub hunt is a fascinating journey into Laffy Taffy. I mean, it is sweet and sticky and always worth a good laugh.

Love to you too!

Asalamu Alaykom Random Muslima,

My boy is my secret weapon. I want his du'a since his wishes will be listened to stronger than mine. His heart is so pure.

Asalamu Alaykom Anisah,

Mr. Boo has been helping Grandma to Islam on his own for quite some time now. When I would be praying at her house, he would go get her too. He'd bring her to the rug and show her how to do the prayer with me.

"Like this, Grandma! Put your arms like this!"

So, he feels strongly that she should be practising Islam.

He was sad when I said she was not Muslim. I focused on his sadness and the way I do that with kids is by showing them how to make du'a. Kids feel so powerless and du'a helps empower them. It was his idea to say those words.

I really do understand what you are saying. I talk to my older kids about diversity acceptance a lot. There is not just one religion going to the hereafter. There is one way, however and that is Islam...meaning...submitting to God. But Christians and Jews can submit to God as well if not better than Muslims, Allahu alim.

I don't like groups, either. I don't adhere to the group mentality of keepin' a sista down.

Feel free to keep coming back and expressing yourself. You have a valid p.o.v.

Anisah said...

Thanks for making me feel welcome, Yosra, and understanding my POV.

He sounds like a cutie! You going to post any pictures of him?