Monday, May 15, 2006

Belated Happiness

Holidays are difficult because there is that expectation that you'll be happy.

Happy Mother's Day.

Well, it wasn't happy.

The photos of his ex-wife and his kids showed up and I simply couldn't shake it off me. My mother came over and all I really wanted to talk about was the mess I was in. Could I live in her basement if I had to?
Today is a different day. It isn't Mother's Day, but I am still a mother. And maybe I can take a moment from the craziness and thank Allah for being a mother.
In Islam, we touch each finger with our thumb three times; once for every joint and give praise to Allah. That way, when you've done all your joints it's 33 praises. Do it three times over and you've praised Allah 99 times.99 is an important number in Islam as Allah has 99 names. Each name talks about an aspect of His greatness.
The whole process can be done on prayer beads, like a rosary, but I prefer my fingers. There is some thought that the limbering your fingers in such a way coud help prevent arthritis. For me, I adhere to the thought that upon death our whole body will testify for us how we lived. Our fingers will actually show Allah how we praised Him daily. I know for sure my knees will be callused from prayer.Even in times of stress or hardship, it is good to stop and think, "What is there that I have to be thankful for?"So, in the interest of remembering the good and celebrating every day as a mother, here are:

99 Things I am Thankful for as a Mother

  1. Alhumdulillah, I rolled the dice and got a healthy kid.
  2. Alhumdulillah, I like the smell of his poop.
  3. Alhumdulillah, he's fun to watch as he eats Cheerios.
  4. Alhumdulillah, if I open my mouth, he feeds me.
  5. Alhumdulillah, he fed me again even after I bit him
  6. Alhumdulillah, his skin is the most beautiful brown I have ever seen.
  7. Alhumdulillah, in this often hopeless world, I am able to pin hopes on his future.
  8. Alhumdulillah, he has rhythm and bounces to every commercial jingle.
  9. Alhumdulillah, he loves to nurse.
  10. Alhumdulillah, he loves any round object that reminds him of an areola.
  11. Alhumdulillah, when he smiles at me, I smile back from my heart
  12. Alhumdulillah, he still listens when I sternly say, "HEY!"
  13. Alhumdulillah, he knows how to turn the pages of a board book.
  14. Alhumdulillah, he knows what I mean when I say, "Runaway Bunny".
  15. Alhumdulillah, I can make him clap for anything like an instance approving audience.
  16. Alhumdulillah, he seems to be learning some African language with tongue clicks.
  17. Alhumdulillah, he tries his best to say, "La illaha il Allah".
  18. Alhumdulillah, he didn't let the bigger toddler grab his toy at the La Leche meeting.
  19. Alhumdulillah, his butt is so cute
  20. Alhumdulillah, his hair doesn't look exactly like mine or his dad's so I know it's a blending of our DNA
  21. Alhumdulillah, his ancestors both designed the pyramids and made it through the potato famine
  22. Alhumdulillah, somehow, while I've been writing this, he's managed to get his pants off again.
  23. Alhumdulillah, he doesn't care.
  24. Alhumdulillah, he loves his reflection and I don't think he sees anything wrong
  25. Alhumdulillah, he blows a mean raspberry
  26. Alhumdulillah, I don't have to find the little objects on the floor; he'll find them for me first
  27. Alhumdulillah, he lets me take the foreign objects out of his mouth
  28. Alhumdulillah, he fits on my hip perfectly
  29. Alhumdulillah, his calmness in the sling inspires other parents to wear their babies.
  30. Alhumdulillah, he tries to escape
  31. Alhumdulillah, he crawls faster and laughs at me when he knows I'm after him
  32. Alhumdulillah, he knows how to climb stairs
  33. Alhumdulillah, his toes stink like apricot jam
  34. Alhumdulillah, he doesn't know about child abuse or neglect
  35. Alhumdulillah, he sleeps next to me every night even if his dad falls asleep on the couch.
  36. Alhumdulillah, Kevin Federline isn't his dad.
  37. Alhumdulillah, he loves his dad
  38. Alhumdulillah, he makes me love his dad
  39. Alhumdulillah, he loves water and doesn't cry in the shower.
  40. Alhumdulillah, he doesn't criticize
  41. Alhumdulillah, his teeth look like little pearls
  42. Alhumdulillah, I'm never tired of looking at the shape of his eyes
  43. Alhumdulillah, his eyebrows aren't aesthetically appealing to Americans
  44. Alhumdulillah, having him makes me try harder in all aspects of my life
  45. Alhumdulillah, when I don't know what to do, I think of what he would want his mom to do
  46. Alhumdulillah, European-Americans don't think he's a terrorist...yet.
  47. Alhumdulillah, he doesn't need a green card
  48. Alhumdulillah, he's already got a girlfriend
  49. Alhumdulillah, his bellybutton will always remind me that we were connected
  50. Alhumdulillah, he's mischievous
  51. Alhumdulillah, he's a boy and I wanted him to be a boy
  52. Alhumdulillah, he was made out of pure love
  53. Alhumdulillah, he survived a car accident when I was pregnant
  54. Alhumdulillah, he has helped me survive these past months
  55. Alhumdulillah, he amazes me with his being
  56. Alhumdulillah, when he sleeps on my chest I can imagine him in utero again
  57. Alhumdulillah, I hated many, many times during the pregnancy but I loved it all
  58. Alhumdulillah, I gave birth to him naturally without any pain medication or induction
  59. Alhumdulillah, when I was in labor I really felt like I was surfing the pain
  60. Alhumdulillah, he can go anywhere and do anything with me
  61. Alhumdulillah, as long as I'm with him, he feels safe
  62. Alhumdulillah, as long as he's with me, I feel loved
  63. Alhumdulillah, he's growing every single second
  64. Alhumdulillah, I'm home with him while he is growing
  65. Alhumdulillah, he knows that I'm trying my best
  66. Alhumdulillah, I'm not able to write more than one of these before I have to jump up and rescue him
  67. Alhumdulillah, he knows I'm rescuing him
  68. Alhumdulillah, I can't be mad at him
  69. Alhumdulillah, he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
  70. Alhumdulillah, he likes lots of other people, but he loves me
  71. Alhumdulillah, I love to watch him walk from furniture to furniture hanging on
  72. Alhumdulillah, he loves anything he finds
  73. Alhumdulillah, he laughs at "The Grand Old Duke of York" song
  74. Alhumdulillah, he still likes "This Little Piggie," even though his dad wanted to stop all pork references
  75. Alhumdulillah, he makes me clean better (acknowledged after I fished a dust bunny out of his mouth)
  76. Alhumdulillah, he feels secure if my hair is in his mouth.
  77. Alhumdulillah, he's got the cutest mouth
  78. Alhumdulillah, the backyard swing cost $3.00 and it made him so happy
  79. Alhumdulillah, he doesn't mind that everything I buy for him is used
  80. Alhumdulillah, he is demanding for my attention and in no way autistic
  81. Alhumdulillah, he actually talks to my mom on the phone
  82. Alhumdulillah, he reminds my mom that my husband isn't all bad
  83. Alhumdulillah, he is photogenic
  84. Alhumdulillah, he is Muslim
  85. Alhumdulillah, won't have to wonder which religion he is
  86. Alhumdulillah, he will be a bridge between Christians and Muslims
  87. Alhumdulillah, he farts and burps with abandon
  88. Alhumdulillah, he doesn't know how to pull off the velcro tabs on his diaper wraps
  89. Alhumdulillah, he likes to snort in and out when he has boogers in his nose
  90. Alhumdulillah, he chortles in excitement
  91. Alhumdulillah, simple things excite him
  92. Alhumdulillah, I remember, through him, how to find wonder in everyday things
  93. Alhumdulillah, as his mother, I have greater empathy for others
  94. Alhumdulillah, a kiss and a hug solve most problems
  95. Alhumdulillah, he wants me every second of every day
  96. Alhumdulillah, he thinks I'm funny
  97. Alhumdulillah, he is funny
  98. Alhumdulillah, because of him I yearn for more of what Allah wants
  99. Alhumdulillah, I could write 99 more

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