Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fuzzy Pink Jammies

Asalamu Alaykom,

As women, Allah forces us to chill out once a month. We are not the same as men. We are forced to surrender by rendering us weak. Why? Allah knows. I think it's because we wouldn't stop multi-tasking without a reminder to rest.

Chilling out is easier in fuzzy pink jammies. Until Sunday, I didn't have any. Allah is the best provider. Today, I am typing to you in total fleecy comfort. I should mention that I have not had warm jammies since I got rid of everything and moved to a warm climate. When I moved back to the Land of Icy Winds, I had only thin fabric and capris to wear around the house. I decided NOT to spend money on warm pjs.

What changed?

I got up off my butt and went on a search.

Waiting for happiness to come knock on the door isn't a good plan. The birds don't sit in the tree and wait for the nest to materialize. See how the birds have to do their part? They absolutely fly out and search for their needs. On Sunday, I went out of my hermit-like cave (otherwise known as my apartment) and felt the wind on my face. We were supposed to go to the playground.

The day before we had gone to the playground to meet a man with whom I had been matched. This matrimonial matching was done by Muslim volunteers in the metro area. I filled out an app. and so did he. Then, the people, who I've never met before, decided I would be good for this man. We talked on the phone and he was fine. Then, I got his photos and he got mine. It was a little iffy. I agreed to meet him (just in case he looked better in person) and it was not good. Zero attraction. I mean NOTHING to build on. He'll be fine for someone, just not me.

After fifteen minutes, I said,"I agree we match on paper, but I don't think we match in reality."
That was Saturday.

Sunday, we were just trying to make it back so that we could play but the wind prevented us. What to do? Well, we realized that our Muslim neighbor kids from down the hall were outside and enjoying the sidewalk. We enjoyed playing with them. It sure felt better than meeting with yet another halal set-up (that fails miserably).

When we said, "good-bye," I had a sixth sense to head to the dumpster. Yes, I am a dumpster-diver. It's one more adventure level above garage sale-ing. I have no shame grabbing someone's throw-offs. They should be the one feeling the shame for junking perfectly good gear.

There was, on the top of the pile, in a beautiful gift bag, an array of bachelorette party items. I could see all the cards. There was an unopened package of various scented lotions. Grabbed it. Searched some more. Found an unopened pack of colorful Post-It Notes. Oprah Magazine. AND! A new pair of fuzzy pink jammies. My size. My sensibilities. Mishmaool! Unbelievable!

Except, I do believe. I believe that Allah is The Best of Providers. Everything that comes my way is by His allowance. Remember the leather couch?

One of my favorite stories of faith is about a Canadian man who lost everything in a forest fire. The flames chased him out of his home so quickly that he had nothing left. He had to stay with a friend far away. In the chaos of that time, he started to lose hope. He wondered how he would survive beyond that moment. Little did he know that the whole time he was searching for answers, the sweepstakes officials were looking for him. He had won (and won big) and all they needed to do was hand over the cash. The whole time he was worrying could have been spent differently. He was taken care of.

So am I. So are you.

Allah knows your needs better than you.

Alhumdulillah for fuzzy pink jammmies and for the renewed faith that comes with them.


Faith Confusion said...

Congratulations on your jammies!! I'll only be worried if you become a freegan and start diving for food in the dumpsters :)
Where are you, by the way? I'm in Sydney, Australia trying not to burn at the moment.. It's hot for my pasty skin.

Faith Confusion said...

Ps. the Sura on your page just gave me a chill. Seriously.

Yosra said...

Hey Asalamu Alaykom Faith Confu,

OK, I guess I am freegan then. I didn't know it had a name. I don't go grab the food myself. AbuBoo does. You wouldn't believe what we get! None of it is bad. It's expired dates but like pretzels really go bad. Last time we were given two boxes of graham crackers (which we love) a bag of tangerines, a bag of potatoes, a bunch of bananas, and some whipped cream. Again, I have no shame on this. I believe it's really Islamic to use what is wholesome, even if someone else doesn't see its value.

I'm not sure about the chill you describe. Good? Bad? What is it that got you?

Lisa said...

"Waiting for happiness to come knock on the door isn't a good plan."

Yosra, there are very few as brave as you to meet this non-match and have the courage to be up-front immediately. Did he have buck teeth or did he seem too Khaleeji?

I'm glad you didn't try to make it work. I really am.

There will be that soul-mate soon dear, and then you and Mr. Boo will look back and have good memories of finding those pink jammies in the dumpster.

But, instead of dumpster diving there will be an Eid present of pink jammies that says,

"With Love, Husband."

Lisa said...

Love you and Mr. Boo dearest one.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Lisa-Bo-Bisa, Bananafana-Fo-Fisa-Lisa,

What a charming response!

I don't know what "Khaleeji" is. You might have to e-ju-ma-cate me on that one.

What was his issue? Well, it's really MY issue. I like big guys. I like them think and c/hunky. To have a lithe man is a real turn-off. That delicate bone structure is not my thing on a dude. I would rather have him fat than thin. You get me? It might seem surface-level, but I swear that I was NOT attracted at ALL and that's dangerous. Nobody should marry someone they can't gaze upon with pleasure.

That note on my next jammies was to die for! How nice! Wow! I will keep that note in my mind until I have it in my hand.

Mr. Boo, btw, got a Little Tykes desk out of the excursion. I hauled it up the stairs only to have him still play the most on the coffee table.

I love him too.


Take care of you and your loved onees!

Faith Confusion said...

You should definitely google freegan: it's what you are!! You might see a pic of yourself under the word freegan. Lol just kidding. I learnt about it on the least freegan place on the planet: Oprah. lol.

I got a chill as in a good chill. As in when you read or see something special. It's a great Sura.

Br00ke said...

The Couch! Subhanallah, I've been reading your blog three years!

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Aleikom!

What have you done to me?! What have I done to myself??!!! I can't stop reading! I can't get off. It's like me with a novel in my hands--although I did something I NEVER do, read the last pages first. That's how I got hooked you know?

I must have been here before because I saved your blog in my favs and the other day I finally got my computer back. I was bored, all things done that needed to be done, so I decided to check it out because I didn't remember. And there ya go...like I ain't got jack..to do all day. Yeah, that line probably just threw the English teacher in you huh? Sorry.
Anyway, I was so into it that I decided to find your previous blogs and Lord have mercy, I've only made it to 2009, but I can't get off. Stayed up too late these past few days.
Went to doctor came back.
Homeschool--cut short--came back
cook, came back
Life- came back
Still...coming back!!
I am just so into it. Your life, the way you write. Your faith!!! It speaks to me. I am one of those who was so enamored by Islam I flew around the world to learn how to pray. Sadly, I just could not get passed the disappointments once I got to know Muslims. I am not happy to to say that..or this..but I am barely hanging on. Not in a good place going on 5 yrs. I don't even know why.
I read about someone(this blog) and get inspired.
I watch a youtube video, get inspired.
I listen to some speakers, get inspired.
I suppose that is why I am still hanging on to that tattered and worn piece of string that holds me there.
THANK YOU!!! Thank you for helping me. Thanks for this very interesting novel-like blog! I am benefiting--even if I am slacking on other things in my life at the moment.

If you see an ip address from Deep in the South of Luzianne...it is I my Dear. And guess what? I am saying a prayer for you and can't wait to keep learning and being inspired as the years get clicked(as I move my way up the list of blog posts haha)

May God bless you a million times over and always keep you showered with His mercy and grace. May you continue to prosper in this life and the next and May God reward you for all the hardships you've had to endure with all the ease you deserve! Amen


Yosra said...

Wow, Shelly! Wa Alaykom Asalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu and Ameen to you du'a.

I have been lax on responding to comments and I wondered (as yours loaded) what it would be. Would I finally start responding again as I should?

Well, of course I had to. You wrote one kicker of a comment. God bless you for being such a giver. It's hard to put yourself out there. There's a vulnerability which can feel like you were too open or too close. I feel like that sometimes in the blog. Did I TMI? Does anyone "get" me? Inshahallah, the right people always get us and Alhumdulillah God always does---no matter what.

Muslims can really be the pits. LOL at your comment. Ya, don't let Muslims ruin your Islam. For me, I hate seeing Eid in Egypt with every little boy getting a toy gun and eery little girl getting prostatot clothing. That's NOT Islam. It's culture.

Those moments you are connecting to a pure goodness in this blog, that's Islam. I don't have that goodness throughout---it's my intention but I fail. However, I know that it's there to some degree because I write for the pleasure of Allah. If you feel something re-energizing within yourself then keep that building. You find the things and people which keep the energy growing and don't stop. Don't let anyone take away your connectedness. It's so crucial to making it through this life.

I'm really so grateful for you as a reader. Truly. I never know who is going to read me. NO IDEA! I only hope that what meant something to me will mean something to another. You're not the first to say that I'm an addictive read. Hopefully, you'll get your fill and get your balance back. Everything in moderation---unless of course you're in Egypt and then PILE IT ON! LOL ;)

Keep reading. Keep commenting. I'll look forward to hearing from you again.

Now, I've got to look up where Luzianne is!

Wishing you light and love. It's all there for you---just breathe it in and smile.



Shell said...

Assalamu Aleikom!

You definitely have me hooked and definitely have me trying to find my way back to that once beautiful place. I appreciate you so much and I don't think you will ever know to what depths your words can help and touch someone--and I am sure I am not the only one to benefit in such ways from your blog.
Your reply is very touching and real and also very helpful!

I will continue to read on and continue to gather all the other little gems that are hidden(and open) for me to gather here.

I will try to comment more and definitely let you know how I am moving along.

Thank you so much for your advice.

Oh, and that would be deep into cajun country. I sometimes call it that and it really throws some people off. They usually ask "where the heck is that?" and when I tell them Louisiana they laugh like oooooo. It has been considered like a whole other country though. I have to agree sometimes :)

Thank you my Sister in Islam. Thank you for being so real and showing me the Islam--scratch that, MUSLIM--that I have not encountered on my journey and so desperately needed.

Lots of love and best wishes

p.s. I know how busy life can get and the difficulties of living in another country--no matter how long you've been there--and the in's and out's of what daily challenges it presents, so please do not worry to reply. It's strange(for lack of a better word) but I think I will feel your reply in my heart and know.