Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheese Puffs for Dinner

Mr. Boo and I feasted on lemonade and cheese puffs for dinner.



Our breakfast was very nutrious. Our lunch was late and filling.

So, we ate what we wanted to. Mmmmmmm it was good too! Eventually, we added some carrot sticks.

You know what? I'm sick of eating what I'm supposed to. I'm sick of people, "shoulding" on me.

It's not just food. I'm not really talking about food. You know me. I have to go for the analogies to make sense of this life. The Quran is filled with analogies. Allah knows we need them.

On Saturday, I learned that one of the men I had previously talked to for marriage two years ago was actually a wife beater. This would be one of the, "good," Muslim men. Subhanallah! And here's the wackiest: people who knew me and knew him didn't warn me. Oh, they knew! They knew. And they didn't warn me. They encouraged me.
Where would I be if I had married him?

Well, I met with the Tunisian instead of thinking too much about the past. I like him but I don't know if he is really interested in settling down. He is very kind. He actually bought my G1 phone. Remember that? I am richer! Mwaaaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!

Well, I can buy groceries. Hence, the cheese puffs.

But you want to know who is on my mind too much? My former seatmate. He called last night with an offer. This is real, folks. Two plane tickets. A weekend going out and having fun in the sun. An opportunity to see if his feelings of destined meeting on the plane mean that we should meet again and see if there is a chance for us.

No, he is not Muslim. He did readily agree that there is no other God than God. I asked him with some trepidation, "Could you consider Mohammed as a prophet?"

"Yes, I could but," and I held my breath while he paused, "he is no better than Jesus, if Jesus is a prophet."
Well, that is just perfect! He actually answered the question Christians are asked to make sure they do not believe Jesus is son of God (astragferallah).

I also made sure I know who he prays to. You know? If, as a man raised Catholic, he prayed to a saint, or the Virgin Mary, then that is a no go. We, as Muslims, only pray to God with no intercessors.
"Who do you pray to?"

"I pray only to God."

Works for me.

OK. So he's not mashy. He's not macaroni with bechamel. He might very well be cheese puffs. Whatever he is, he is a change. He has been persuing me since the day we met. He is sincere in his efforts to get to know me. He has listened to my explanations of Islam.

I think we might just be flying out again. I'll pray istakkarah tonight.


Anonymous said...

The value of a man cannot be measured in terms of what he is willing to spend on a woman. Often times the men who are the biggest spenders and givers, feel they have precious little else to give, namely of themselves.

A man who believes he is simply an ATM is not a suitable marriage partner, moreover, a woman who would be compatible with such a man isn't suitable for marriage either.

I'm not saying you are any of these things or that this guy is, just telling you there are things besides wife beating that a person needs to be aware of.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom A. Mous,

Thanks for stopping by and giving some thoughts to this. You have some wisdom in what you write. I prayed istakkarah and i will let it all fall into place, inshahallah.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Yosra:

Do you really need to pray istakkarah to know whether or not you should spend time with a man not related to you, yet alone a non-Muslim one?

Auntie Safiyyah

Faith Confusion said...

You are so lucky that something led you away from the wifebeater.
And i hope you enjoy your time with the man you met on the plane, if you do decide to meet with him again.
I get a nice feeling from your blog. I wish all the best to you in your search. Your heart will know what is right.
Masha'allah you are free for now.. I am not so lucky.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Auntie S.,

To answer your question (though I know you meant it rhetorically): Yes, I did need to pray istakkarah.


Here was a God-fearing man, who read the 3 pages I sent him on Prophet Mohammd (pbu)AND agreed that he was a prophet AND WHAT'S MORE believed Jesus (pbu) was a prophet. He had never been married, had no kids, had a very respectable job, with a nice place to live in a city I love. He was nice-looking, incredibly smart and funny. He has spent much of the last two years managing the care of his mother. He persued me diligently for a month and treated me well. He admired the way I was with Mr. Boo and admired my faith. He thought I was attractive as well.

He stacks up much better against many of the men you've read about here. Many people suggested to me that this could be his journey to Islam. I do not regret considering him.

My intentions with him were good. Spending time with him (in public with Mr. Boo along) would have not bothered me or anyone who knows and loves me.

Thanks for your love.

Asalamu Alaykom Faith Confu,

LOL! I like "Faith Confu" for your nickname! It's like you are giving a big martial arts kick to your sensibilities!

Thanks for feeling good here. I want you to feel free to share and care.

You know what? I did enjoy my time with my seatmate. He kept me in his thoughts and prays for a month. He really did his best to negotiate a life that could work for us. In the end, it won't work but the attempt was kind and encouraging.

You are actually free. You have choices. The moment you forget you are free is the segue to frustration and rage. Listen to Cat Stevens' "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out!" to feel the vibe and then live it :) inshahallah.