Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Light

A new day.

A new outlook.

May Allah bless those who strive for his cause with their whole heart and their every intention. For those who fall short, but wish to do better, may Allah clean their hearts and renew their souls.

LOL! I just read this on my son's friend's Facebook page:

Age your hoping to be married: maybe when I'm 70 or so. I just want to live with one woman for ever, but marriage creates obligation, and obligation destroys willingness.

May God bless that 14-year-old too!

Oh, man, I'm just looking for a pic to go with this short entry and it's taken me longer to search than it did to write.

Found this link . Groovy stuff.

And another!

This page made me mad. Grrrr! Hate it when covered women are, "captured," on film against their wishes.

Ahhhhh this page is too sweet. If you like that thing.

This was an interesting glimpse into others viewing Muslims viewing others.

And now for something completely different.

Ok, I give up. There is nothing that is appropriate enough to capture where I'm at in my head. The only picture adequate enough is a picture I took yesterday. Mashahallah.

Allahu Akbar. God is indeed great.

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