Monday, February 2, 2009


Any guesses what happened today?

After reading the guesses, I know I have to set the record straight. I'm feeling like Charlie Bucket. That would be from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hated the remake.

There's a moment when he opens his birthday chocolate bar and tells everyone that he won a golden ticket. The grandparents, under their bedcovers, are jubilant. It's then that Charlie realizes how getting their hopes up hurts him more.

Ya, my news ain't so great, gang.

Alhumdulillah. Allah knows best.

I no longer have a job.



My lovely friend put it in perspective, "You were only meant to be there four months."

Why did I go?

There was a mutual decision that I could no longer run that classroom. Is that my fault? I did my best and Allah knows. Allah knows the sitution at the school. I pray that it improves. I could no longer be putting myself there.
Here's Peter Ostrum who played Charlie as a kid:
He changed. We all do. It's God's plan. I'll accept that. I don't know what happens to me but something does inshahallah.


o0UmmHasan0o said...

salam sis, did you get married? :D if so alf mabrook....

or did you get the job of your dreams?

Smee said...

I'm going to go all out and guess...
You had a major life changing occurance.

Michelle said...

Hmm... Is there a wedding in the air?!?!

Lisa said...

You had your nikah?????? Yay!!!!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry Yosra-I was so excited for you. Classrooms are a tough place though. Hope it all works out. I know exactly how you feel, just got laid off last week.

o0UmmHasan0o said...

Sis, as long as you are happy about moving on.. then its all good right?!... hey now you can get a job that is right for you insha'Allah...

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

I am not going to guess since you already gave the answer but I will comment on Charlie, he kind of looks like an oompa the green outfit going on...but he looks the same to me....just a little more hairier(I know it is spelled wrong but sound it out)

Smee said...

Inshallah khair, May Allah SWT give you better than it.
Your friend is right, you were never meant to stay there any longer and we are unaware of any future problems/catasrophes that may have befallen you had you have stayed. There is blessing in this and better will come inshaAllah!

so maybe we should celebrate?

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom,

Thanks for all the comments. I wasn't able to moderate them for a day (until I deleted my cookies) but I knew you were thinking of me :)

Ya, it's alhumdulillah for the best. Why? Because I believe in Allah. I am less freaked out about this than I have been about other transitions. Maybe I'm just too tired to be freaked out any more.

Ya, my job was too hard on me. I can't teach in chaos. I can't even hang out in chaos on a regular basis.

There has been a reader request for more information on why I am no longer at the school. I'm trying to think how I could sum it up.

Um...four years ago, when I was there before as a first grade teacher, no child ever pushed me, or shouted out the F-word to the class, or called me a b*tch.

No child ever jumped on the desks or the heater.

No child ever ran out of the classroom and around the school trying to escape teachers.

No child ever bit a classmate, or punched them, or wrestled with them on the floor.

No child ever stole Sharpie markers from my desk and graffiti'd the lockers with, "grils suck".

No child ever wrote, "SUCK BR. YOSRA" on the board, and then stole paints from the art cabinet( and got it on the desks) while I was trying to erase it.

If any of that would have happened four years ago, those children would not have been allowed to stay in the school.

If any of that would have happened four years ago, I would not have asked to come back this time.

No, four years ago it was a very nice school where the adminstration fostered a place of Muslim adab.

Should I celebrate? Subhanallah! Every day we are alive is a celebration. Alhumdulillah.

I would LOVE to celebrate a marriage but I need your help for that. Seriously. I need some prayers to help oil the hinges for the door to swing open, inshahallah.

Love to all of you!

Our Rewards Await Us said...

I'm so sorry...but Allah is the best of planners!