Sunday, February 1, 2009

Airborne Really Works!

This is going to be a plug for Airborne. I get no kick-backs from talking about it. I just want you to benefit from something from which I got great results.

These quarter-sized tablets fizz in 6 oz. of water and you drink them down. They taste like an orange-flavored health drink, rather than medicine, which makes sense. They really aren't a drug.

The key to making the cure as effective as it was for me is to take it as SOON as you feel symptoms of a cold starting.

I was coming down with a sore throat and stuffy nose on Wednesday. I took an Airborne tablet, then another at bedtime, and the third when I woke in the night.

The next day, I felt some symptoms but could honestly say that they had not increased. I kept drinking lots of water.

I took the fourth Airborne tablet later on Thursday, so as not to go over the three tablets in 24 hours rule.

Friday, I went out and felt completely healthy. ALHUMDULILLAH!
Years ago, I used to go to Jamba Juice and buy their Coldbuster drink. It worked but not as well as this. Plus, this is something I could have on hand in the medicine cabinet.
Inshahallah, this could be something for you to pick up for the cold and flu season. My mom gave me this tube of the tablets (May Allah reward her) so I don't know the price. But honestly? If I hadn't taken those tablets, I don't think I would have been able to function as well in the classroom, or been able to go out on Friday.
Time and health are precious. Take care of yourselves out there!
May Allah protect you.


Shabana said...

wow, I wish i knew about those tablets on Wednesday because that's when I knew I was starting to come down with something. By Friday, I felt like I walking through a fog. And today, I am not feeling any better either. I got the flu shot this year, after forgetting to get it the past few years. I feel worse now than I ever did when I had a cold. Or maybe I just feel like that cuz I'm miserable now. Where could I get these miracle pills?

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Shabana,

Sorry to hear that you are doing poorly. May Allah make it easy on you.

I think Target is the place! Walgreens? It is not something obscure. I've seen them around.

The trick is to have them BEFOREHAND. If I had not had them in the house, I would not have been able to stem the tide either.


Our Rewards Await Us said...

They were invented by a teacher....just like you! I didn't really find that it worked for me when I tried them though.