Monday, January 19, 2009

Slumdog. Millionaire.

Subhanallah. Subhanallah. Subhanallah.

I started my weekend with an pre-arranged evening out. We were dropping the kid at Grandma's and then going to the movie theatre. It would be my first visit to a movie theatre since I was pregnant with Mr. Boo. We were to see Slumdog Millionaire and I was excited.

The movie has, "Oscar buzz," as they say. It is an excellent movie. The main character is Muslim, by the way. There is a scene of Hindu violence against Muslims. There is a moment of prayer. Maybe the most important Islamic thread woven into the plot is that of pre-destination; everything we go through in life prepares us for the role we are to play later in life.

By the end of the evening, I had agreed to consider marriage with a man who could be my destiny.

But, in a strange twist of fate, it was not with the latest and greatest. Yes, Dear Readers, there is another man in the picture. He is Muslim. He is ready to marry. He is serious.

What shall I call him? Not sure yet. Not sure if I even want to write much about him. This is very new.

My friend's sister had talked with me in the school hallways on Friday. She heard me say that I was considering a non-Muslim man. She didn't think that best for me. In a phone call after the movie let out, she told me of a man who just moved here from overseas.
I have now met with him twice this weekend. I've got to say that the reality of this possibility is wacking me between the eyes. He is very, very good so far. Alhumdulillah.

And what about my man from the movies? Honestly, I could have imagined us working out a life together...but that was before. He isn't ready for marriage now. He told me that on Friday. Actually, he told me that before, but I didn't hear him. I heard him Friday.
I put my trust with Allah; The Best of Planners.


egyptchick7 said...

Oy....All I am gonna say is Slumdog Millionaire is fabulous. Im glad you enjoyed it.

Smee said...

I was rather dissapointed by this film. Yes there were good bits, but the characters had very little depth to them and I though I was initially pleased that the directors had finally managed to give Muslim characters Muslim names (all too often they assume brown people have interchangeable names and give clearly Muslim names to a Hindu family or vice versa) I did not appreciate that the only praying Muslim was a lecherous, murdering gangster who declared 'God is Great' every so often, usually after committing a misdemeanour.
As one review I read put it 'only the Indians can do the Bollywood genre and pull it off', and I'm afraid I have to agree.