Sunday, January 25, 2009

Questions for a Prospective Husband

Today, I went searching through my computer for thoughts on marriage, since that's what I am thinking about these days. I came across this document which my older kids put together with me over a year ago. Not too shabby! Take a look. See their wisdom...and their humor.

Questions for a Prospective Husband
Yosra's Boy and Girl

B: Where were you born?

B: How was your childhood?

G: What is your feeling on your parents? Are you close?

G: Do you like your job? Do you want to work the same job forever?

G: How do you feel about Mr. Boo?

B: Would you ever want children of your own?

G: Are you serious about Islam?

G: What are your feelings about magic? Like Harry Potter?

B: How would it be when we came to visit?

G: What would be the things you would let Mr. Boo do? How strict are you?

G: What do you think are your best qualities?

G: What do you think are mom’s best qualities?

G: Are there any things mom does now that you’re not going to let her do?

G: Do you like mom’s parenting skills?

B: Have you ever been arrested?

B: What did you do for education?

G: Have you been to college?

B: What do you like for music?

G: What’s your favorite movie?

B: Other than something from your home country, what’s your favorite food?

B: How ‘bout that Allah?!

B: What would you do if my dad or AbuBoo disrespected mom?

B: Are you media orientated?

B: Do you ever play video games?

B: Do you believe in physical punishment?

G: How many surahs do you know?

G: What’s your favorite musical group/person?

B: What’s your favorite book?

G: What countries have you been to? Which is your favorite?

B: Where would you like to go in the U.S.?

B: Do you have anything against snow?

G: Where do you want to go in the world?

G: If we came to visit, would there be a certain amount of time we’d spend with mom or would we spend time with you too?

B: If we were a family of gerbils living in a town called Splunkit, what would your favorite jelly bean?

G: Who is your best friend?

B: Have you ever tried marijuana?

G: Do you like chicken?

G: Do you have a safety plan?

G: Fans or air conditioning?

B: Do you have any bizarre brothers or sisters who might want to bring their children over?

G: Do you cook? What is your favorite dish to make?

B: If mom ever becomes FAT would you still love her?


brookeakaummbadier said...

Subhanallah!!! They are brilliant, spot on, masha Allah. Use it! Take notes. Video tape the interview for absolute proof and reminder ;)
Love and Peace

Smee said...

I like the innocence of the questions mashallah.

If you are looking for questions though here is a good link: