Friday, December 19, 2008

What I Want

I want a GI phone from T-Mobile. I bought a $75 Nokia from Target yesterday. It was a pre-paid deal and I wasn't sure if my SIM card would work in it. The workers didn't know either. A young kid passed by and said, "Ya, that will work." LOL!

But the GI would be so cool! It has wireless capability! I could access the internet anywhere and use the Blue tooth for my computer. No more slooooooooooow connection by using the cell phone modem. And I would not be paying any more than I am now for my internet connection and text messaging.

Can I have it? Huh?

I feel like a begging kid at Christmas, except that I'm a grown woman who is Muslim. I want someone to buy it for me as a present. Dangnabit! That's the problem with putting down materialism for so long! It really works against you when you are feeling greedy.

TMobile is sold out of them right now. I can't order right away. I'm a right-away kind of person. I could get it if I went into a store...which I can't easily NO CAR STILL (I was lucky to get a ride to the Target!)

It would cost $149 total to me because I'm, "a valuable customer since 2001," which is when I split from the kids' dad. Come to think of it: I lasted longer with T-Mobile than with either the second or third attempt at forever.

I could pay $45 per month until it was paid off. I'm thinking of doing it.

Before I can consider that, I just need to pay a stupid $335 to the remainder of my stupid hypochondriac emergency room visit in Florida.

I want to fast all my pregnancy and nursing days away. I have 5 more to make up from 2004, 30 from 2005 and 30 from 2006 (all thanks to Mr. Boo). Women keep telling me I could pay for people to eat, but that's only a good idea if you have the money. Besides, I feel like I really should fast.

I have all the days I missed from this year made up. Alhumdulillah.

If you are concerned at all about making up your days, ladies DUH! This is the BEST time of the whole year to fast. It is SUPER EASY! You hardly suffer! Eat right before 6:00 AM and eat again at 4:30 PM. Just do it! Let me know if you do.

Oh, and I recommend that you have a document for days you missed. It helps visualize it in front of you.

Mine looks something like this:

Fasting Days Owed


11 days

-1 an additional day on Monday Jan. 15, 2007 to make up for being preg. in 2004
-2 Sat, Dec. 6—8th day of Hajj
-3 Sun, Dec 7—9th day of Hajj/Arafat MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF FASTING
-4 Sun., Dec. 14, 2008
-5 Wed., Dec. 17, 2008
-6 Thurs., Dec. 18, 2008
5 days


4Friday 19
3Saturday 20
2Sunday 21
1 Monday 22
Tuesday 23

I revisit it at the end of every fasting day. May Allah accept my fasting. As always, the hardest part for me is dealing with kids while fasting and not loosing my patience.

I do feel like I've lost some weight, alhumdulillah. Thankfully, I don't have a scale to tell me differently.

I do feel like I get more of a grip on reality by the second day. I see some things in my life clearer each fasting cycle.

I want a husband which is another good reason to fast. It cuts down on your desires. As I fast, I think about how much easier it will be to get these days done while I am single. Every day I fast, I think that I won't have to go through this much fasting ever again when I am married, inshallah. WHEN not IF, inshahallah.

I want some fun this weekend. I'm tired of no fun weekend after weekend. I realize that a halal time inside my apartment is better than any haram time outside my apartment, but I need to get out and find some halal fun before I go stir crazy.

I want my car inshahallah. It's in the repair shop now. Ignition troubles. How much does that cost? Subhanallah. Maybe this is the way Allah keeps me from getting into my own ignition troubles. I've been grounded.


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