Thursday, January 1, 2009


May the next year bring us all more clarity, love, compassion, determination, and success.


Lisa/Yasmin said...

Dear Yosra,

I love your honesty sweet Yosra. I know I haven't been kind to you and I want to apologize. I read your post and really wanted to respond.

You may never get what you want from people in this life but you will get what you want from Allah or whoever you choose to believe in. And it may take some time to see exactly what Allah has written for you. I just know that your patience will pay off.

I'm glad that you escaped in time dear Yosra. When you mentioned your lack of sleep due to his quest for perfection, I was reminded of those dark nights when I wasn't allowed to sleep either. Alhamdulillah a thousand times over that those days are over with for us.

Yosra, I know all about this transition period in which you feel you are mutating. It is confusing. But, you will be so glad when it's over with and your finally truly okay with who you are and who Allah meant for you to be. Whether you choose to lose Islam or not is up to you. Just know that I will still love you and so will everyone no matter what you believe in. What we will love the most is that you finally really know yourself Yosra. You will earn so much respect. Happy New Year.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Lisa/Yasmin,

Thank you for being kind tonight. I am writing to you in the last minutes of this year. it is the New Year. Writing to you made it happen less painfully.

Life is a pain. I've determined that it is mostly bittersweet.

I'm honest. Yes. I'm not as open as I once was. I hope to remain as honest.

I don't feel that I am losing Islam. I do feel that I have to lose some of the trappings of religion in order not to lose myself.

Will I ever get to the point where I know myself? I thought I had gotten there only to find out the destination has a detour.

Again, thanks for being on the journey with me. If ever you weren't who you wanted to be with me, then know that I'm happy with who you were tonight. JAK, Sister.

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah sis, I've said it before (or maybe just thunk it?) men are surely a test for you!
I feel greatly, but especially for my convert sisters when it comes to this marriage stuffs. I told my husband that we should have our boys go over and beat the pudding out of our daughter's fiance, just as a precautionary warning. He laughed, but we both think there may be a touch of wisdom to that idea ;)She's two, so this is just foresight ya know haha!
Safiya has an interesting discussion going on con/reverts and marriage if your interested:
I'm sure you've seen a bit too much of her examples, but I'm just at a loss for what to do--other than pray for my sisters...and my brothers.
Thanks for the whitening tip--I'll let you know how it goes, inshallah :)
I don't think you should be scared--your roll modeling as a teacher is really an awesome thing that you don't give yourself enough credit for, masha Allah, maybe because you enjoy it so much.
Stay warm and firm!
Love and Peace,

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and getting you and Mr.Boo out of that situation so promptly is really, really comendable, masha Allah.

Lisa/Yasmin said...

I hope the detour will be brief Yosra. I can't wait to see what 2009 brings you! I think that someday you will get your happily ever after and Allah will surprise you. Love you, Yasmin

srtuba said...

May all your duas for the new year be accepted, may all your hopes be fulfilled, may your dreams come true and may you find happiness.


Shabana said...

Ameen! *hugs*

dramamama said...

Ameen, from me too! xx