Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dog's Bark Worse

The roughness awoke my peacefulness.
Its barking broke into my bed.

I sent my hate out in the dark
to the wherever; to the dog.

Didn't he know I was sleeping?

And I imagined him as a he
Since no one is more ungrateful than a him

Up I rose to a window, not to see but to find
the direction where to focus my anger.

Didn't he need to go in?

My window was cold; I felt the winter's air
Out there, with my enemy, what would it be?

I prepared to return to the slumber before
to the time when I could ignore.

Didn't he have someone who heard him?

I thought of his night; my night
could no longer be still; not in my ears, or my mind.

My burden was the knowledge of his need.
While I could rest, he could not.

Didn't he sound miserable?

Quietly, I drank my water, sat and forgot.
I opened windows on the LCD.

When I went to bed, tiredness overcame me.
My sleep came without another thought.

Didn't he deserve a prayer?

Fajr time. It's silent. I could pray for
Palestine, Pakistan, and Mumbai.

Instead, I worry for a dog down the street
Who found quiet at last on a frozen Friday.

Didn't he?

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