Friday, December 5, 2008

Iftar with Belly Dancers

I broke my fast last night at one of my favorite spots, Big Marina. I was ready to be out having fun.

I have not gone out for any kind of fun since...since I moved in actually. Is that right? During Thanksgiving weekend, I only left the apartment for a failed attempt to get the car title transfered at the DMV (which was closed).

So, Marina was a welcome change. I love the atmosphere of the huge termite mound, or whatever it is, in the middle sprouting water. I love the fake grapes hanging from the ceiling. It is better than if they were real---can you imagine?

But, of course, the FOOD is what I was there for. It's a buffet, which I love, in that the food is ready when you are. It is all good. I adore the eggplant.

I am an eggplant you know. If I could be any vegetable, I would be an eggplant. In Egyptian slang, to say you are eggplant or betingan lis to say you little crazy. I am. I am also beautiful, colorful and curvy. I don't go with every dish. You will find me in many delcious ethnic dishes: eousaka, eggplant Parmesan, ratatouille, and many more. You won't usually find me on American plates. Most people here don't know what to do with me. With the wrong person, I am allowed to rot in the veggie bin.

The thing about Marina that night was that the music videos were getting to me. I had just broken my fast and I was there watching half-naked media sex slaves shake their bon bons. It was too much.

I got up and asked the hostess if she could please change the channel. Couldn't we see Hajj instead? They appologized, found the remote, and then found some Quran.


You know? I am happy with what happened today: the fasting, going out, eating delicious food, and in standing up for what I believe.


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