Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hajj is Done

According to the Saudi Embassy in Washington: a record number of foreign pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom to participate in 2008's Hajj. A total of 1,729,841 pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia from 178 countries, an increase of 18,026 from the previous year and a new Hajj record. Of the foreign pilgrims, 54.3% were male and 45.7% female. Prince Nayef added that 1,575,645 pilgrims arrived by air, 131,353 by land, and 22,843 by sea.

This site from UK's Channel 4's Hajj-The Greatest Trip on Earth is really a wonderful treasure. Please go and experience Hajj for yourself, through the miracle of the internet. There are slideshows, stories, and videos. I needed this today, to feel connected to our brothers and sisters in Mecca.

When you see the images on the screen of men and women crowding the mountain, think to yourself that you will see this again. This is truly what the Day of Judgement will be like. Except, the white cloth around the men will be their burial shroud, as everyone will have left their graves. It is a blessing to us, to see this now; to remind us of the real life awaiting us.

I am fasting. My last day fasting during the pilgrimage. I have never before fasted so many days in Dul Al-Hajj. I did all except the very first day, alhumdulilah. My days missed in this year's Ramadan are all made up, alhumdullilah. I'm now chipping away at those days missed from 2004-2006, when I was pregnant and then nursing my littlest.

My older son, God bless him, is here with me and is also fasting. He woke with me, ate suhour with me, prayed with me, and read Quran with me. Alhumdulillah. May Allah also bless his father for agreeing that his son may fast in my home.

Eid, inshahallah, is tomorrow. I'll be posting a wonderful nasheed, inshahallah, so be sure to come back for that! It's my Eid gift for my readers (who need to be commentators also).

My Eid gift was picked up yesterday. Yes, I have my car. MY CAR! Subhanallah! What an ordeal not to have a car! Any time we do without, we need to realize how fortunate we were before, when we weren't being grateful enough. I'm very grateful now. Alhumdulillah.

May all of us meet at the Kabba and make tawaf together.


Journey said...

Salaam Dear Yosra,

What you said about about readers needing to comment made me write this!

I read you practically every day because I really enjoy your perspective on things, especially the way you relate the incidents in your life to your very firm faith, masha'Allah. I find your blog fascinating actually, because your honesty and ability to look at yourself and make changes is rare. May Allah reward you abundantly in this world and in the hereafter.

I'm sorry about not commenting before because as I write this I realize I was benefiting from your insight and giving you nothing back. The pencil sharpening post for eg. touched me so much, and I could have told you that.

Have a wonderful Eid day and thank you for sharing your experiences and opening my eyes to being more aware of the blessings Allah gives us in life.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the economy has caused a trickle down effect of stinginess that has reached your comments ;)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Journey,

I hope you are NOT the 80's band. I was never a fan. If you are, then I know who you can contact to retrieve your sweaty towel which you threw out into the audience at a St. Paul concert in 1984.

Hey, if you read me everyday, that's COOL! Thanks for being there! And JAK for commenting and giving me some energy. While I keep imagining an audience of readers, it's easier after hearing from you.

Ever thought of becoming a "follower" of this blog? I want more followers, just so I can see if all of the icons for them look like monochromatic petals. What's up with that?

Glad you mentioned a previous blog posting. I immediately went back and re-read it. Hey, who wrote that?! I guess I did. Seems so long ago. Alhumdulillah for the passage of time.

Ya, what you said about my style of writing is right on. I have to use my life as a springboard for discussing faith. I am honest. It is how I want to be. If I ever fall short, then at least I was aiming for that.

So...keep reading...keep commenting...and I hope you keep enjoying.

Asalamu Alaykom Brooke-Baby,

Ya, if it weren't for you, the wind would whistle through many comment boxes.

JAK! Keep ...ok...ya...what I just said above.

LOVE & PEACE (since you've given me a lot, I'll return it to you as well)


egyptchick7 said...

Eid Mubarak! It is sooo wonderful that your oldest son is fasting with you and participating in other Islamic rituals with you. Happy you got a car, at last!

May this year be better than the last inshallah!

Journey said...


No, not the 80's band! The name is actually "journey into light" which I used for the whole 2 weeks in which I was a blogger. I realized very quickly that I wasn't a blogger in personality and deleted it. It did set me off on a bit of an addicting role as a reader of blogs though.

So no, I don't blog so can't become an official follower. I'm reading you though and will comment again insha'Allah.

Hope you drove somewhere good in your car for Eid!

Oh, I think of you when I listen to MR Radio - I read about that on your blog too. It's a great spot for nasheeds. Speak soon :)