Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Subhanallah What a World!

Sometimes we think little.

We think of ourselves...and not even our whole selves. We examine the minutiae of our parts (or as I like to say, "gaze at our belly button lint").

There's a meditation exercise I like to do.

First, I see myself where I am. I have my eyes closed, but I imagine my immediate surroundings. Then, I pan up, like a camera on a boom is able to raise above me and capture me from up high. So, not only am I on a couch, but I'm in a living room, in my apartment.

Then I go beyond what the human eye could ever see. I imagine, with my mind, how above me is the roof. From the roof, I can see that I live in a building, in a neighborhood, in a city, in a country, on a continent, in a world, and finally in a universe.

Slowly, I floated out and then slowly I recollect myself. I come back to where I was in the room, and in my body. It puts things in perspective. We belong to a big world.



We belong to a big world.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Sometimes this means happiness and sometimes not. It really depends on our perspective, doesn't it? When we remember the big world and The Greatest, then we also find our gratefulness.

This Thanksgiving, Allah Subhana wa Tallah is arranging the three brightest objects in the night sky to come together: the crescent moon (and our symbol of Islam---HELLO!), Venus, and the largest planet Jupiter.

Read about Jupiter . It is fascinating. Maybe in school I didn't find the fascination, but now, as a Muslim, I am amazed at the universe. Jupiter is known for a swirling oval on its surface. It's a perpetual storm. Our earth...our super huge would fit twice inside just that oval.

Think bigger. Think brighter. Subhanallah! What a world!

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