Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Muslims Aren't Voting

Today is OUR Election Day and many American Muslims are not voting.
I don't get it.
I suppose that some are not voting out of apathy, which would make more sense if the last eight years hadn't seen so many attacks on our brothers and sisters through wars, and through Guantanamo, through unlawful loss of Civil Rights.
But some are not voting because they feel it goes against Islam to vote.

The sheik here has actually been quoted as saying that it's better if Muslims don't vote. His thought is that we will be held accountable for every bad deed done by the president we help elect. It's not haram to vote; it's just preferable not to.

The Republican Party doesn't understand Muslims or Muslim countries.

Muslims don't understand the Democrats.

It's sad.

We Muslims are a voting block to be reckoned with, yet many are given up our rights as citizens to those who would happily bomb Iran and nuke Mecca. Isn't there some moral imperative to have a voice in a democracy? Too many men, women, and children have died overseas at the hands of this administration.

Not to mention the fiasco of Hurricane Katrina!

And the fiscal upheaval!
Come on, Muslims!

We are bound to the laws of the land where we live. Right? And "NO!" We don't have a government based on Shariah Law, but deal with it! Live the way we live here and vote for the best candidate, who of course (GET REAL) is Senator Barrack Obama.

I've actually seen emails flying through the Muslim community which try to bring this fine man down. Bizarre. I don't know if these brothers and sisters haven't been here very long or what. He might not have every idea in line with your thinking, but he sure isn't John McCain.

He has had a global upbringing, in a multi-cultural family, with the best of education, a first-hand understanding of middle-class America, a solid faith, and experience helping people.

For me, I will vote inshahallah...once I find a ride to the polls. Still no car, but I have hopes for this weekend. If I have to, I will walk or take a cab in order to vote. Nothing is more important to me today.
To find where you vote go click on: http://www.vote411.org/pollingplacebystate.php
If you don't vote now, don't crab later.
And if you are thinking to leave a comment as to why you are not voting. FORGET ABOUT IT! I will not be publishing any of your comments. NOPE! You don't want a voice, Sista, so let's start with not giving you one on this forum. Like that? That seem fair? That's your idea, not mine. I'm just running with it.

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dramamama said...

Urgh, I feel your annoyance. I wish I could vote for the govt that I want, where I live! Those who don't vote don't know the power they have given up.