Sunday, November 23, 2008

Michael Jackson, Our Brother in Islam

Asalamu Alaykom Mikaeel,

I have loved you a long time. You have been both an inspiration and an injured soul on this earth. I'm not sure if you have also been an inflicter, but Allah knows.

Allah knows how you have been searching your whole life for that calm. I understand that Friday you took the shahaddah. Mashahallah. In that instant, everything changed for you and inshahallah changed for the better. Whatever has happened before is done and forgiven.

Every true Muslim must believe in the power of the shaddah as much as they believe in The Power of God.

There is the tale, from the time of The Prophet (pbuh) when on the battlefield a captured enemy of Islam said, "La illaha il Allah wa Muhammadar rasullulah."

The Muslim soldier killed him with his sword anyway.

Why? It was asked. Why kill a man who had taken the shahaddah and embraced Islam?

The answer was that the Muslim soldier doubted the man's intention.

The Muslim soldier was chastised severely for his mistake. W must never doubt those who take shahaddah.

We must believe those who take shahaddah. We must welcome them and pray for them. I hope inshahallah that all the Muslims in the world make du'a for your reversion to Islam and for you to be a beacon of light for others searching as well.

There are many jokes floating around about your new choice. That's OK. Let them do what they can to deride this new time in your life. If you are finally holding onto The Truth then nothing can hurt you unless Allah wishes for it.

Surround yourself with good people, like Jermaine, your brother who took shahaddah before you, and like nasheed artist Dawud Warnsby. Rid yourself of those who are false.

Throw away or give away that which is haram and harmful.

On behalf of us, your loving and forgiving Muslim brothers and sisters, I welcome you to Islam. I felt that Allah would someday soon pick a celebrity to help spread the message of Islam. I wasn't completely surprised that it was you.

Now that it is YOU...welcome.

May Allah calm your soul and cleanse your heart. May you become a better person each day with each good deed you accumulate now. May you raise your children in Islam and raise up many around the world to the right path as well. May we, your brothers and sisters, support you with every thought, word, and deed. Ameen.

My Best Wishes,

Sister Yosra

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Brownie said...

I heared about his conversion yesterday and i was so happy for him and i was talking to a friend of mine whe told me that he was not excited about the news like me because he was not a good example but i told him Allah forgives all sins...
i am so happy for him and may Allah keep him on the right path.