Friday, November 7, 2008

Cure for Earache

Up at 1:30 this morning with a screaming kid.
Nothin' says, "I'm a mom!" like getting out of bed with a crazed kid in pain.

Since Mr. Boo has had a re-occuring cold and congestion, the best guess is always: earache and/or infection.

What to do? Not like I'm leaving the apartment for the Emergency Room. You nuts?! Even if I had a car (which I don't yet, but soon should, inshahallah), I can't afford it. Still haven't paid for my Florida moment of hypochondria.

So! What to do?!

First, prop him up. The drainage downward helps ease the pressure.

Next, I sprayed, "Simply Saline" up his nose, much to his dismay. It did unclog him more. It also woke the neighbors---not that the spray makes noise; it was the screaming from the kid. It really doesn't hurt.

I actually try every medicine I use on my kids. It helps me to know what it tastes like and feels like.

Well, the next idea was some Tylenol/Advil/pain reliever. He hated grape flavored medicine and he spit it all out. We tried cherry next. I use the dropper and aim for the side of his cheek. This is when I really hate being a single parent. I am grabbing octopus arms while I squeeze the junk out and being lightening quick and very hard-hearted. I have to do it. I have to deadened my emotions to get it done. Remember: this is all with four hours sleep.

Lastly, my favorite trick in the book. You ready? Wash and poke a potato and microwave for a minute. Place it in a sock, twist, tuck it in again, and once more so you have a few layers of sock between skin and potato. The moist steam heat still comes through. It shouldn't be too much, but check to make sure. Then, rest it on the painful area. I love it!

Now, Mr. Boo didn't want ANYTHING touching his ear, so I had to let him hold it first. Then, I asked him if I could put it on his cheek. Slowly, as we talked, I could move it towards his ear.

He is now beside me, in the big comfy chair, watching Jungle Book and occasionally laughing and giving commentary.

"That's not a, 'man cub,'! That's a baby cryin'!"

Subhanallah! After hardship indeed there is ease. We parents truly have to remember to keep going through the hard times with our kids. It never lasts forever...just like childhood illnesses and childhood itself. Hang in there and it subsides with Allah knowing every effort to take care of the amana (the blessing) that was given for your safe-keeping.

May Allah protect parents from sudden insanity in times of strife with their offspring. May those children grow healthy and strong--sometimes because of their parents' efforts and sometimes in spite of them.


Shabana said...

aaaww poor kid. I know the feeling. my 3 year old gets really bad earwax (sorry, i know it's gross). The doctor said to try to clean it out with over-the-counter stuff, because it's hard to look in his ears during checkups. and it's an absolute nightmare. even with a second person there, it's impossible. but as for oral medicine, I found that if you hold their nose just as it's in their mouth, they are forced to swallow it as a natural reflex so they can breathe. i know, after holding down arms, legs and head, to also have to hold his nose might be a slight challenge :-) but if you can manage it, it might work, insha allah. May Allah give you sabr, sister. *hugs*

Kathryn said...

Hi Yosra,

I hope little Mr. Boo is better by now. I thought I'd offer you another common earache remedy that I've learned about since living in Europe. Slice a white or yellow onion in half, wamr it up in the microwave or oven for a few minutes and place over his ear. Put the onion in a child's sock or cheese cloth cover first. Not sure how this works, but it does! You can google it for more information or other ways to use the onion for the earache.