Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ask Forgiveness Twice

If you walked into a rich man's house and insulted his servant, what would you do? Once you realized your mistake, you would most likely apologize. Since you offended the servant, you would need to say your, "sorry," to him or her.

However, since you were a guest in the home of the powerful man, you would also need to turn to him and apologize.

It is the same with our dealings with servants of Allah.

If we have wronged anyone, we need to ask forgiveness twice.

I don't think it matters who is told first (the servant or The Master). What matters is that the words are spoken as soon as you know the problem. Small problems often grow larger if not dealt with apropriately.

If you are the servant who has been hurt, then it is within your rights to ask for an apology. It is also worth suggesting that the wrong-doer ask forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tallah.

May we all remember how easy it is to be kind and how needlessly complicated it is to perpetuate cruelty.

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