Saturday, October 11, 2008

Searching for VOTE Projects for Kids

Mr. Boo slept at 5:30 PM last night. He came home, got changed, demanded cheese puffs and promptly fell asleep on the floor. Didn't even get orange fingers.

When he woke, it was 2:00 AM and we watched TV as he got his snack. Bad mom? Good mom? Don't know.

While we were watching Conan, I learned about The Yarn Harlot whose blogging has led to a LOT of craziness---including coining the new verb, "kinnearing," meaning to, " to surreptitiously photograph someone."

That got me looking around from one thing to another.

Here's another knitting blogger who got Senator Obama in on the act.

Some serious crafters and artists are loving Obama here.

Finger puppets of the canidates. Almost would consider that...

I like the funkiness of this crafter.

I still haven't found the perfect crafts project for my kids, but as usual on the internet, I did waste 30 minutes.

Now, I've done the same for you! Mwaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa!

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