Friday, October 10, 2008

A Real Teacher

Today was a hard day of teaching. A lot of the "supposed to's" weren't in place and I had to wing it instead of going with the plan. Sigh...such is life.

And the kids! OH, MAN! I love, love, love them already but what a LOT of work! I didn't have them from the beginning and we need to mend some ways and pronto (pup)!

So, we had just dealt with a busy morning, when another teacher dropped off two ruffins with whom she'd had enough.

Oh, joy.

I can roll with it, though, so there I was accepting two more into the fold. These big boys were not exactly doing their best to be cordial to their teacher...or in turn, to me.

That one boy! What in the world was up with him?!
What was his name? What?! Wait a minute... was his sister---ya!

"I know you, " I told him. "I was the teacher right next to your kindergarten room four years ago. You were my favorite kindergartener. You were! You probably don't remember, but one day you lost your mitten..."

He interrupted me, "My Batman mitten, ya, I remember."

"Do you?" I asked, "I looked all over the school for it and found it..."

"And I was so excited, right?" He questioned.

"Well, you were very happy."

"Happy, ya," he said with a vastly different expression than before. He had softened. He had remembered and stopped being such a big rough and tough dude and morphed into that 5-year old.

Oh, I loved that little boy! I had been pregnant with Mr. Boo and just wished for a little boy like this one to be mine. So fun! So imaginative! So sweet!

Now, here he was again. Subhanallah!

I kept the boys with me through prayer time.

As I prayed, I cried for this young man. The tears ran silently down my face for everything that's happened to him over the last four years. I thought of all the children I have done my best to mentor, to teach, to guide, and to inspire. I wished all of them well.

We left the masalla after that, and he was ready to return to his teacher. We left each other in peace.

For him, he remembered he was truly loved.

For me, I remembered I was truly a teacher.


Anonymous said...

al hamiduliAllah masha Allah may Allah give you THE Peace you are looking for as a reward
from Tintin lol

Anisah said...

masha'allah sis...
I must say..this touched me.
good blog :)
Fi amenallah

Anonymous said...

it seems you need to show yourself in a kind of show ... that reminds me something about you !!!

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Tintin,

It looks like you have become a regular reader---my second Moroccan reader, as I believe Mr. Florida is still on board reading.

If only I had every man I talked to on the matrimonial site reading my blog! Ohhhh the numbers!

Asalamalaykom Anisah,

The moment touched me too. It was very sweet and dear and I almost hated to share it because I don't really need any bad to mar it.

Thank for your good feelings.

Asalamalaykom Anonymous,

You wrote: "it seems you need to show yourself"

Yes, I do. I put myself out there as an extrovert, as a teacher, as a blogger, as an advocate.

What about you? You seem to hide behind the 'Anonymous' title. I don't know who you are. Or do I?

"in a kind of show"

Hmmm...well, I used to do theatre. That's what my degree is in. That fact is often used against me as proof that I'm a big fake. Actually, that I once was participating in such make-believe helps me to be even more honest. I know the difference between truth and lies...or half-lies, which are indeed untruths.

"... that reminds me something about you !!!"

I get three exclamation point? Wow. You have some issues. Not me. You should look to yourself and figure out how you are not fully being the person you need to be. If you were feeling good about yourself, you would not feel the need to try to pull me back. I'm fine, alhumdulillah.

Look to yourself. There's something about me that you hate INSIDE YOURSELF. You pretend that you don't have this imperfection and therefore need to point your finger at me to make sure everyone is distracted from your imperfections to mine. BUT! Yes, there is a BIG BUT(T), you are marred somehow. You stink somehow. You are hideous somehow and you feel awful about it and you are sooooooooo scared someone will find you out. You don't want anyone to know the truth.

Guess what?

Allah knows.

Allah knows how you are failing. Go to Allah and stop commenting on my blog about how I am failing. You need to work on yourself more.

hfm said...

This is so beautiful.
Thankyou for sharing this.